i Editor's Letter: Literacy-based puzzles


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Honestly, you lot and puzzles – I don’t know! But, never let it be said i doesn’t listen to you.

First, there was the clamour for a daily codeword, which we were happy to respond to. However, now it’s there, many of you have written in to complain about our axing of the second maths puzzle to create the space. These pleas have been remarkable (even by i readers’ standards) for their passion. Some of you – with a little more time on your hands than most – have gone so far as to brandish the ruler and calculator to work out the area of space i now devotes to literacy-based puzzles versus those that involve numeracy.

We have been accused of adding to the malaise afflicting the teaching of maths and sciences in our schools! A bit harsh, people. But, instead of a kneejerk (if understandable) “get a life” response, and shamed into action by my depressing struggle with my girls’ algebra problems, we are re-introducing the second one from Monday. Tell your pals. This time one of the sudokus is to go. No complaints please, as three remain!

Another tweak on Monday will be the introduction of previews for films on TV. Not all of the thousands of new i readers brought in by our TV ad realise we publish a Saturday i. Well, we do. It has more pages, but is still concise for readers with Saturdays as busy as mine. And … it’s only 30p! Compare that to its rivals!

This week, in addition to whatever tomorrow's news is, we have chef Mark Hix on cooking duck and Simon Usborne on Burma, now it’s OK to visit again. Plus, there’s travel guru Simon Calder, David Lister on the arts, and much more. There are all the Six Nations and football previews you need, too. See you tomorrow.