i: Letter from the editor 17 January 2011

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To those of you who have just seen our advert on TV and gone directly to your newsagent, amazed that something of such high quality can cost only 20p, I’d like to offer a warm welcome to i. Now do you see what you’ve been missing!

To our regular readers, however, I’d like to point out a number of improvements we’ve brought in from today’s paper. We’ve expanded our arts coverage, with a comprehensive guide to staying in and going out (Arts Agenda, page 38), we’ve in troduced a daily Style page (page 35), which today focuses on the important matter of nail varnish - black is the new black, apparently - and every Monday we’ll have a Media page (page 41), with features and news from newspapers, TV and radio, advertising and public relations.

We’ve listened to your views - this is, after all, your paper - and the new features reflect what you’ve been telling us. Keep those comments coming!

Today also sees the return to British newspapers of the controversial American columnist, Cooper Brown (pictured). His diary will appear exclusively in i every day, and while Cooper is not to everyone’s taste - last time he was on these shores, he was effectively run out of town - he is a genuine orginal, and his views on British life are nothing if not entertaining. He’s only been here aweek or so and he’s already had a run-in with a major television personality - see his column on page 14: this one could run and run. If nothing else, he may give you a laugh on your way to work. Happy Monday!

Simon Kelner