Letter from the editor: A proper Mancunian Miserabilist

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In my letter on Saturday (Yes. Didn't you know? We're open for business on a Saturday, too), I solicited your ideas for a guest editor for i in the wake of the Archbishop of Canterbury's rather successful effort in the chair at the New Statesman.

(I also wondered whether, instead, it should be a job swap for a day, but in the case of the man with the mitre, I'm not sure the Church of England would go for it.)

Through the medium of Twitter, the suggestions flooded in. There were votes for politicians — George Galloway and Tony Benn — while others wanted the job to go to sportsmen — Wayne Rooney and Dominic Cork. Established journalists, such as Clive James — who, according to i reader John Newman, "has all the right credentials, with just the right amount of irreverence" — and John Pilger were also presented as serious candidates, although Darren Taylor's tweet — "Richard Littlejohn as editor for a day. NOT" — was taken in the spirit in which it was meant.

By email, Don Williamson sent his wish list, at the top of which was Johann Hari, but that would be a bit too much like that TV programme where someone with a glamorous job spends a day doing all the menial tasks on the shop floor. It could only end in tears. However, Mr Williamson also had some more tenable ideas, notably Richard Dawkins and Brian Cox.

The suggestions which had the biggest potential for both triumph and disaster were both musicians, Shaun Ryder, put forward by Paul Fisher, and Morrissey, tweeted by someone who goes by the moniker of Doomed Despot. The idea of having Morrissey take morning conference is almost irresistible. If my colleagues think I can be tricky on a Monday morning, wait until Morrissey takes charge. Then, they'll really know what a proper Mancunian Miserabilist feels like! More suggestions, please. And welcome to the working week!