Letter from the editor: A silver lining


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On reflection I may have suffered a bit of an earnest attack yesterday discussing our values, but thank you for your positive responses to what we are trying to do.

The letters in-box is a daily treat - and I can't say that about many places I've worked. It's particularly rewarding to hear from those readers who have been lured back to newspapers by i.

The more of you there are, the more we fly in the face of the cassandras doom-mongering about the future of newspapers in the digital age. Thanks too to our new Belfast readers like John Caruth who wrote to tell us the wheel has disappeared from the city’s skyline. Well, it’s gone from our weather graphic too, via a little digital trickery. If only we could do the same with the grey cloud!

Of course we have the ability to use all sorts of tricks via the same talented graphics and photo desks that bring you the page 2 graphic every day. You can see how creative they can be - if we let them. I wonder if the Madrid newspaper AS regrets using just those tricks to airbrush out an Athletic Bilbao defender to make a Barcelona goal appear offside. Of course we would never do that in i.

Nor would we ever airbrush a model to look thinner, a practice I’d find appalling even if I didn't have two teenage daughters. I genuinely don't understand the fashion industry's obsession with the unhealthy stick-thin look which returned with a vengeance during London Fashion Week, and I commend to you Joan Smith's column on the subject today. Anyway, must get on. I have to check Glyn on pictures has lightened up the bags under my eyes before i's deadline.