Letter from the editor: i meets you

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I wrote yesterday about a focus group exercise in which the participants are invited to give i human characteristsics, and this challenge has been taken up by some of our readers.

Via Twitter, Rebecca Roderick suggests a very simple answer to question of what sort of person i would be: “Short,” she said. Another tweet, from Lyn, says “it would be a straight-to-the-point person with a sense of humour”, while Reg Kemp offers up “young, bright but lacking maturity”.

Anyway, we intend, over the next few months, to turn these thoughts into flesh with a series of live events we’re calling, in our characteristically short, bright, straight-to-the-point style, “i meets you”. We’ve already had two parties in London (which has allowed readers to see exactly how lacking in maturity we are) and we’ve got plans to hold others around the country.

And tomorrow lunchtime, thanks to those marvellous people from Hendrick’s Gin, we’re holding an event in Brighton that we’re calling a “literary salon”, but is basically a chance to sit around with some clever people and shoot the breeze about writing. We’ve got a line-up of the brightest and the best of local authors, and our own Rob Sharp will lead the discussion. And if the prospect of all that brain food was not enough, we’re giving brunch and Hendrick’s summer cocktails to everyone who attends.

It promises to be a terrific event, full of culture, erudition and gin, and is being held at Jubilee Square beginning at 1pm. We’ve got 25 pairs of tickets to give away to the first readers who email us at i@independent.co.uk. Go on, it’s the perfect way to spend some free time – after you’ve read the Saturday edition of i, that is! More events coming soon. In the meantime, have a great Bank Holiday weekend!