The Business Matrix: Monday 24 March 2014


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Wage gap widens in South, says TUC

Wage inequality has soared  in the South over the last 13 years, the TUC says. It says that the gap between high and low earners has risen by 14 per cent.

Fair pay rules ‘are being breached’

Campaigners including the High Pay Centre are pressing regulators to investigate large companies they say may be breaching remuneration rules by failing to compare executive pay with the wages of ordinary employees.

Axa chief: UK can match Germany 

Tax relief measures in the Budget could help the UK to match Germany’s economic success, according to Amanda Blanc at Axa, which insures a fifth of small UK firms.

From the papers

Firms may have to admit being hacked

Big businesses could be forced to publicly admit to cyber attacks from criminal gangs or statebacked terrorist groups under Labour, said the party’s defence spokesman, Vernon Coaker.

Independent on Sunday

Court to  rule in supermarket row

The supermarket group Sainsbury’s has won the right to a judicial review in its battle against an allegedly misleading advertising campaign last year which claimed that Tesco’s products were cheaper.

Mail on Sunday