The News Matrix: Friday 16 August 2013


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Dave Lee Travis faces 11 sex charges

The former BBC Radio DJ Dave Lee Travis has been charged with 11 counts of indecent assault and one of sexual assault against nine alleged victims over a period of 30 years. The 68-year-old, real name David Patrick Griffin, is accused of committing the offences between 1977 and 2007 against victims aged 15  to 29. He is due to appear in court  next Friday. MORE

Car bomb kills  at least 14 in Beirut

A powerful car bomb ripped through a southern Beirut neighbourhood seen as is a stronghold of the militant group Hezbollah yesterday, killing at least 14 people and trapping others in burning buildings. It was the second such blast in just over a month in the area.

Abu Qatada’s wife and children quit UK

Abu Qatada’s wife and five children have followed him out of the UK, the Home Office confirmed last night. The family of the radical cleric, who was deported in July, are thought to be joining him in Jordan. A spokesman said the family had agreed to drop their application to stay.

Ukip treasurer in sexism controversy

The UK Independence Party faced allegations of sexism after its treasurer suggested women should not be promoted to company boards because they were not as good as men at chess, bridge or poker. “Women come absolutely nowhere,” in those sports, said Stuart Wheeler. MORE

Three men found guilty of gang rape

Three men have been convicted of the gang rape of an American woman on a bus in Rio de Janeiro. Two defendants were sentenced to 49 years each on charges of rape, robbery and extortion. A third man was given 21 years, while a minor also held has yet to be tried.

Mayor is stripped of his chains of office

Labour councillors in Mansfield have stripped the Mayor of his ceremonial chains, which will be locked in a safe, and told him to concentrate on his job “rather than parading around in bling”. MORE

Keita given strong mandate for reform

Ibrahim Boubacar Keita won the presidential run-off with 78 per cent of the vote, giving him a strong mandate to seek peace with separatists and for reforms to the army after a military coup. Sunday’s election marked a return to democratic rule after the 2012 coup allowed Islamist insurgents to seize the north.

Eat like a Greek to avoid diabetes

Low-carbohydrate diets could help prevent type 2 diabetes. A study of 22,000 people living in Greece showed those who had a Mediterranean diet of vegetables, fish and olive oil were 12 per cent less likely to develop the condition. However, the diet did not affect whether someone was overweight. MORE

The Who won’t sue One Direction boys

The Who’s guitarist Pete Townshend has dismissed speculation the rockers will sue One Direction after fans claimed the boy band’s latest hit,  “Best Song Ever”, ripped off their 1971 song “Baba O’Riley”. “[They’re] the same three chords we’ve all been using in basic pop music since Buddy Holly,” he said.

White House will be powered by the Sun

A promise to help power the US President’s official residence with sunlight is finally seeing the light of day. Solar panels have begun to be installed on the White House roof. The work makes good on a pledge Barack Obama made nearly three years ago that the technology would be installed on building.

Shark bites off holidaymaker’s arm

A German tourist has lost her arm in a suspected shark attack off Hawaii. Emergency services said the woman’s right arm was severed below her shoulder on Wednesday as she snorkelled about 50 metres offshore. The arm was not found. The woman, who is about 20 years old, was helped to shore by two friends.

Researchers find new mammal

Scientists have confirmed the discovery of a new species of mammal. The olinguito belongs to a grouping of large creatures that includes dogs, cats and bears. The raccoon-sized carnivore leaps through the trees of mountainous forests in Ecuador and Colombia at night, US researchers said. page 8

Cox to helm new science quiz show

Particle physicist and documentary-maker Professor Brian Cox has signed up to host a science quiz show on BB2. The panel game Six Degrees of Separation will look at the unlikely connections that exist between objects and phenomena. Stand-up comic Dara Ó Briain will also feature as a panellist.