The News Matrix: Friday 28 September 2012


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Emma considers 50 shades of stardom

Harry Potter-star Emma Watson has said she would consider a role in the movie version of steamy "mummy porn" book Fifty Shades of Grey after her name was floated as a possible candidate to play Anastasia Steele in the tale of bondage and domination. "I hear it's quite raunchy," the actress said.

Whooping cough jab for mothers-to-be

Pregnant women are to be offered whooping cough vaccinations after the biggest outbreak of the illness for two decades claimed the lives of 10 babies. Chief Medical Officer Professor Dame Sally Davies said the vaccination would protect their newborn babies. MORE

Manchester spends £425,000 on free gig

A city council has defended spending £425,000 to stage a free concert by singer Alicia Keys in Manchester Cathedral, which will be broadcast on MTV. Council spokeswoman Sara said: "This event will showcase Manchester around the world."

Tests at alleged site of union boss burial

Investigators are to take soil samples from the ground beneath a Michigan driveway today after a man told police he believes he witnessed the burial of the US union figurehead Jimmy Hoffa who disappeared 37 years ago. MORE

PM says 'red line' needed against Iran

Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said yesterday the only way to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons was by setting "a clear red line". He argued attacking Iran's nuclear facilities may be the only answer to what he portrayed as a fanatical Iranian leadership. MORE

Collins 'tried to push me in front of a car'

Television presenter Justin Lee Collins tried to push his then-girlfriend in front of a car during a drunken night out with fellow presenter Alan Carr, a court was told yesterday. Anna Larke, 38, claims she was abused and bullied during their nine-month relationship. MORE

Here's a mystery smile I made earlier

The mystery behind the most enigmatic smile in art – Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa – just got a little more complicated. Yesterday the non-profit Mona Lisa Foundation presented what it claims is a predecessor of the portrait. But even experts aren't sure just yet. MORE

'Window of wealth lasts seven years'

The average British adult has just seven years of complete financial freedom in their life, say researchers who found the majority of us will only enjoy a brief "window of wealth" between the ages of 58 and 65, when debts are cleared, children have left home and there's still a wage.

Failures in care 'let abuse continue'

Social workers, police and the Crown Prosecution Service "missed opportunities" to stop a child exploitation ring abusing young girls, a report into the scandal revealed. "Deficiencies" in the way social care responded to the victims' needs in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, were caused by "patchy" staff training, the Rochdale Borough Safeguarding Children Board said. MORE

Spain announces huge debt reduction

The Spanish government has announced the country's most severe round of budget cuts yet to convince international authorities and investors that the country is on track to meet its deficit reduction targets. Spain's draft budget for 2013 will cut overall spending by €40bn (£31.8bn). MORE