The News Matrix: Monday 6 April 2015


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Children are still exposed to asbestos

Children can still be exposed to asbestos in schools, the NUT union has warned. Many teachers do not know whether their school contains the substance – which can cause a cancer called mesothelioma. Recent figures suggest that around 86 per cent of school buildings contain asbestos.

Taxi drivers in mass poisoning protest

A group of taxi drivers in China poisoned themselves by drinking chemicals in a mass anti-government protest outside a shopping centre. At least 10 of the 30 drivers were found unconscious and frothing at the mouth, although none were seriously injured.

Sir Ranulph starts gruelling desert race

Sir Ranulph Fiennes has set off on his attempt to become the oldest Briton to complete the Marathon des Sables – a gruelling six-day ultra-marathon in the Moroccan desert. The explorer, who turned 71 in March, faces temperatures of more than 50C.

Taliban publishes biography of leader

The Afghan Taliban yesterday published a 5,000-word biography of their leader, in an apparent bid to counter the growing influence of Isis among their own ranks. The history of Mullah Omar describes him as a “charismatic personality” with a “special” sense of humour.

Stamps for Trollope birth bicentenary

Royal Mail is to issue a limited edition sheet of stamps to mark the bicentenary of the birth of writer Anthony Trollope, who introduced freestanding post-boxes to the UK in 1852 while working at the Post Office after seeing them in France.

Five boatloads are rescued in 24 hours

Italian navy and coastguard ships rescued around 1,500 migrants aboard five boats in the southern Mediterranean in less than 24 hours, yesterday. The migrants were all transferred onto the Italian ships and were being taken to either the island of Lampedusa or ports in Sicily, said officials.

Jamie Oliver warns vloggers over ads

Jamie Oliver has urged vlogging stars to take care over the adverts that appear alongside their online videos, after campaigners called on the Government to tighten regulations around internet advertising. i revealed last week that adverts for sugary products were being directed at teenagers.

Tories say changes give families £180

David Cameron and George Osborne will claim today that tax and welfare changes will leave 94 per cent of working households better off. The PM and Chancellor, speaking at the same event, will say more than 14 million households will benefit by an average of £180 a year.

Aviation authority denies oversight

The German aviation authority did not know about co-pilot Andreas Lubitz’s medical background prior to the Germanwings crash that killed 150 people, it said yesterday, raising more questions over pilot medicals. Lubitz is believed to have deliberately steered the plane into a mountain in the French Alps.

PM’s daughter has the write stuff

David Cameron’s child Nancy is planning an autobiography about her time as the daughter of the Prime Minister. The 11-year-old has already drafted a chapter about the time her dad left her behind in the pub. The youngster courted media attention last week after vowing to go on hunger strike until Jeremy Clarkson was reinstated on Top Gear.

First-aid courses for pets launched

A group of animal-lovers in Washington DC is offering CPR and first-aid classes for pet owners. The class teaches owners how to give big and small animals CPR and how to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre, check gums for oxygen levels, prepare first-aid kits and bandage wounds. No real animals are used to practice the techniques.