The News Matrix: Saturday 12 July 2014


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Father who shook baby to death jailed

A father who killed his baby daughter by shaking her after smoking cannabis has been sentenced to 17 years in jail. Ross Conlin, aged 29, caused four-month-old Kiera to suffer a heart attack and bleeding in the brain. His partner Kerry-Marie Rayner was acquitted of allowing the death.

Kurdish forces  seize state oilfields

Kurdish security forces took over two major oil fields outside the disputed northern city of Kirkuk yesterday and said they would use some of the production for domestic purposes, escalating a dispute with the central government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

Synod to discuss women bishops

The Church of England is to begin talks today about allowing women to be made bishops. Member of the General Synod will be debating the motion – which is expected to be criticised by traditionalists – in York. They will vote on the proposals on Monday. MORE

Berlin olive branch after US expulsion

The foreign minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, will tell US Secretary of State John Kerry this weekend that Germany wants to reinvigorate the two countries’ friendship “on an honest basis” after expelling an intelligence representative at the US Embassy in Berlin.

Largest earthquake in area since 1927

An earthquake in Jersey and Guernsey has been labelled the largest to hit the area since 1927. Around 1pm yesterday the islands were shaken by a quake with a magnitude of 4.2 at a depth of seven miles. Windows rattled and a rumbling sound was heard across the islands.

British cities can stage Grands Prix

The Government is getting rid of legislation which prevents British cities from staging Monaco-style Grands Prix. Local councils will be able to scrap speed limits and turn roads into temporary race tracks. Bernie Ecclestone has pressed for the staging of a London Grand Prix.

Girl thought free of HIV still has virus

The famous case of a girl treated for HIV in Mississippi who appeared to be cured has proved to be false, as the virus has been detected once more. The girl was thought to be proof of the ability to overcome the virus. Studies on other babies to test the drugs have been halted. MORE

Google acts over outdated links

Google has launched an advisory council to deal with requests to remove search-engine links to outdated articles. As part of the EU ruling, Google launched a dedicated page yesterday to publicise the council, which will process the 70,000 requests received so far.

Organic fruit and veg ‘better for health’

The benefits of eating organic fruit and vegetables are explored in a new study which claims they are better for us. In analysis of a number of studies, it was found organically-grown fruit and veg are thought to be linked to higher levels of antioxidants and better health.

Building boom leads to brick shortage

The Help to Buy scheme has provided such a boost to home-building that a shortage of bricks is now being reported. Builders within the industry are being told they must wait for nearly a year before more bricks become available, and stocks are reported to be at their lowest in living memory. MORE

Two drown after migrant boat sinks

At least two people drowned and 20 were missing after a boat carrying migrants trying to enter Greece sank off the holiday island of Samos.  The government said 13 had been picked up by rescuers in small vessels, assisted by helicopters, 11 miles north-west of Samos in the eastern Aegean.

Sex and drug addicts  share brain link

Sex and drug addiction may be controlled by the same part of the brain, researchers at Cambridge University have found When diagnosed sex addicts looked at explicit sexual images, it triggered brain activity similar to that in people dependent on drugs.

Dress made of loom bands hits £153,900

A dress made out of loom bands, a type of plastic band children use to form friendship bracelets, has gone on sale on eBay for a whopping £153,900. The dress, for a four-to six-year-old and made from hundreds of weaved multi-coloured bands, has attracted 129 bids.

Bye, Dolly: dog back with its owners

Dolly Parton has said she is relieved that a dog she had offered to adopt when it was left behind at Glastonbury has been reunited with its owners. The 68-year-old country singer said she was “glad” the dog was back with its family. The animal was found in a tent during a clean-up.

How to smuggle parrot fashion

Federal agents inspecting a couple’s belongings at an Arizona entry port on the US-Mexico border found two live parrots inside an Elmo doll. The Customs and Border Protection said specialists found the birds on 1 July after cutting open the doll, when an X-ray revealed something unusual.

State-of-the-’eart robot feels the vibes

Telecom giant Softbank has wheeled out prototypes of Pepper, a robot that uses artificial intelligence to understand facial expressions, gestures and tones via its “emotional engine”, in its biggest Tokyo stores where “he” entertains children while their parents shop. MORE