The News Matrix: Saturday 5 November 2011


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'Sun' reporter held over illicit payments

The investigation into police corruption and newspapers' illegal payments to officers reached The Sun yesterday, as detectives arrested Jamie Pyatt, one of the tabloid's longest-serving reporters. Mr Pyatt is the first Sun journalist to be arrested in Operation Elveden.

Hospital staff tried to dispose of live baby

Authorities are investigating after a hospital wrongly diagnosed a still birth and tried to dispose of the live baby boy in a plastic bag, telling the mother he had died. But the baby was eventually safely taken to the hospital's intensive care unit and he is now doing well. MORE

Drug maker jailed for killing burglar

A man with a cannabis factory who shot dead a burglar was yesterday jailed for 10 years for manslaughter. Raymond Andes, 39, was told he had carried out a "dangerous and unlawful act". Isaiah Bovell, 21, was killed while trying to break into his flat in Clapham, south London.


Sex habits may be to blame for cancer rise

Changing sexual habits may be to blame for a rise in cervical cancer in young women, experts say. The incidence of the disease has risen by more than 40 per cent among women in their 20s. But in older women, it has declined, leading to an overall fall of 30 per cent. MORE


Hikers left stranded

About 2,000 hikers have been stranded in the foothills of Mount Everest for the past four days owing to bad weather. They have been forced to stay in a small hill resort in a remote corner of Nepal, after airlines cancelled flights. MORE

Bill blames economic 'mess' on Obama

Former US President Bill Clinton has written a new book that suggests the American economy is "a mess" and part of the blame lies with his Democratic successor in the White House, Barack Obama. However, he expends most of his ink castigating Republicans and the Tea Party. MORE

Prisoner numbers hit new record high

The prison population in England and Wales hit an all-time high of 87,749 today, 76 higher than the previous record set at the start of last month. The number of prisoners being held rose by 176 in a week. The record high takes the prison population to 1,656 short of operational capacity, the Ministry of Justice said.

Barber sentenced for shaving ‘fool’ on head

Barber Michael Campbell, 35, who shaved the word "fool" on the head of a man, 49, with learning difficulties, pleaded guilty to common assault at Bristol magistrates yesterday. Bench chairman Richard Barry called it "gratuitous degradation" as he handed him 200 hours community service.

Church exposed as porn vendor

Germany's biggest Catholic-owned publishing house has sold thousands of pornographic novels such as Sluts Boarding School and Lawyer's Whore with the full assent of leading bishops. MORE

Swifts saved by walls of sound

A soundtrack of bird calls has helped save one of the country's last colonies of swifts during a housing redevelopment. Special bird boxes were built into the cavity walls of the new homes in Fulbourn near Cambridge, and a CD playing nesting calls attracted birds to their new homes.

I was nervous kissing Depp, says Carey

Actress Carey Mulligan has revealed her 16 kisses with heartthrob Johnny Depp in their new film Public Enemies ended on the cutting room floor – because she looked too nervous puckering up. The Oscar-nominated star told BBC1's Graham Norton Show last night: "I looked so uncomfortable."

Thank God I've got to 109, says oldest man

Britain's oldest man Reg Dean celebrated his 109th birthday at his home in Derbyshire yesterday. He put his longevity down to faith in Jesus and that he is English. The ex-teacher, who has a son and grandchildren, joked his card from the Queen arrived late: "I thought she'd forgotten."