The News Matrix: Thursday 16 January 2014


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Osborne: reform EU or UK will quit

Britain could quit the EU unless it is reformed, George Osborne warned. The Chancellor said: “If you cannot protect the collective interests of non-eurozone member states, then they will have to choose between joining the eurozone or leaving the European Union.” MORE

Hariri trial begins with accused absent

Nine years after the assassination of the former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq al-Hariri, the trial of four men accused of his killing opens today. But the defendants are on the run, bombers are back on the streets of Beirut and a new era of justice remains elusive. MORE

No election role for Rennard, Clegg says

Nick Clegg has ruled out the possibility of senior peer Lord Rennard playing a role in his 2015 election campaign. However,  the former party boss is set for a place on a key Liberal Democrat committee after being told he will not face action over claims of sexual harassment.

Chancellor pledges £15m for 3D printing

More than £15 million of taxpayers’ money will be used to set up a national centre for 3D printing technology to put Britain at the forefront of the fast-developing industry, the Chancellor, George Osborne, will announce today.  The cash will help drive innovation and bolster Britain’s position as an aerospace leader, Mr Osborne  will say.

Saad al-Hilli brother  is freed from bail

The brother of a British engineer shot dead in the French Alps will not face any charges over his death, police said yesterday. Zaid al-Hilli was suspected of orchestrating the shooting of his brother Saad al-Hilli and his wife and mother-in-law, but there is a lack of evidence against him. MORE

‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ sex up ‘Daily Politics’

A discussion of bankers’ bonuses on the BBC’s Daily Politics was interrupted yesterday by Queen’s ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ blaring from Nick Robinson’s iPad. Host Andrew Neil picked up his tablet computer, asking Mr Robinson: “Is that you?” Robinson replied: “‘I’m going to turn it off before the really embarrassing lyrics start.”

Remains of new pharaoh found

Archaeologists believe they have discovered the remains of a previously unknown pharaoh who reigned more than 3,600 years ago. The skeleton of King Senebkay were uncovered at South Abydos in Sohag province, 300 miles south of Cairo, by a University of Pennsylvania expedition working with the government.

Chimps bond over shared meals

Chimpanzees who share their food have higher levels of a “love hormone” than those who don’t, scientists have discovered. The hormone oxytocin has been linked to bonding between mothers and their breastfeeding babies in both primate and human cases. Wild chimps in Uganda were studied during the research.

Elephants to be tracked via Twitter

Four elephants are posting on Twitter courtesy of the charity Space for Giants, which fits elephants in Laikipia, central Kenya, with GPS collars to monitor their movements. Follow @SpaceforGiants to track their adventures. Space for Giants is i’s nominated charity in this year’s charity appeal.

Chequered past of  film financiers

A director would reject the script as being too unlikely. Two leading Hollywood film financiers – Remington Chase and Stepan Martirosian – the executive producers of a new Mark Wahlberg film, Lone Survivors, have been accused of having convictions for cocaine trafficking, multiple aliases, and a long history as federal informants. MORE