The News Matrix: Thursday 22 November 2012


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Champion boxer shot in face fights for life

Champion boxer Hector Camacho is on life support after being shot in the face. The 50-year-old former super-featherweight title holder was shot on Tuesday night as he sat in a car outside a bar in Bayamon, near the Puerto Rican capital San Juan. A second man sat in the same car was killed in the attack. MORE

Footballer 'fed child's mother to the dogs'

A Brazilian footballer has gone on trial for the murder of his child's mother. Former Flamengo goalkeeper Bruno Fernandes is alleged to have lured Eliza Samudio to a ranch where she was killed by his accomplices. He is accused of feeding her remains to his Rottweiler pets. MORE

Chunlan now 'most powerful woman'

The Chinese government has promoted Sun Chunlan to the position of Communist Party chief in the city of Tianjin. The move could mean Chunlan, 62, one of only two female members of the Politburo, becomes the most powerful woman in China. MORE

Cameron fury at CoE over women bishops

David Cameron launched a scathing attack on the Church of England yesterday after members voted down legislation to approve women bishops. Mr Cameron said he was "very sad" about the outcome and challenged the Church to "get with the programme". MORE

Businessman to put up dinosaur models

An Australian businessman has claimed he will push ahead with plans to erect 150 life-size dinosaur models at his five-star resort in Queensland despite councillors' objections. Clive Palmer has already installed a huge Tyrannosaurus rex, but a councillor said turning the area into "a version of Looney Tunes" wasn't right.

Teens arrested for shooting turkey

Detectives in Florida have arrested two teenagers for using a bow and arrow to kill their neighbour's pet turkey for their Thanksgiving dinner. The teenagers were charged with armed burglary, armed trespassing, theft of livestock and animal cruelty after admitting they planned to eat the 30-pound bird.

Comedian 'held' as stunt goes awry

Comedian Simon Brodkin, aka Cockney tearaway Lee Nelson, was marched back to HMV in London's Oxford Street by a police community support officer yesterday after a PR stunt got out of hand. Brodkin, with fake police officer in tow, had pretended to steal a DVD before the real PCSO got involved, and he had to explain that the theft wasn't real.

Boys arrested after death of pensioner

Two boys were arrested on suspicion of murder yesterday by police investigating the death of a pensioner after being mugged. Paula Castle, 85, was robbed in Greenford, west London, on Monday and died in hospital. The Metropolitan Police said two males – aged 14 and 15 – are in custody.

No nudism in public, San Francisco rules

San Francisco has approved a public nudity ban despite claims that it violates freedom of expression. Protesters at City Hall tore off their clothes as the legislation passed. City Supervisor Scott Wiener said: "Taking your pants off at Castro and Market and displaying your genitals to everyone, that's not free expression."

Harrods post for Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown has been appointed a director of Harrods – working on the department store's "corporate social responsibility". The wife of former prime minister Gordon Brown joined the retailer on 1 September.

Life will mean life for worst criminals

The Court of Appeal said yesterday it was right that judges could send offenders to jail without the prospect of release in "exceptionally serious cases". The ruling is likely to be interpreted as a signal to judges in Europe that British courts are satisfied with the validity of "life-means-life" terms.

Lords torpedo 'secret court' plans

The Government's plans to allow some courts to sit in secret to hear evidence from spies were in crisis last night after the House of Lords inflicted a series of blows to the scheme. The proposals have provoked a storm with critics claiming they will undermine fundamental principles of justice. Yesterday, Tories joined Labour and Liberal Democrat peers to demand a series of changes.

Love-struck Turk arrested at sea

A Turkish man who sailed around Europe to find the British woman he fell in love with on a scuba diving holiday has been arrested in the waters near Plymouth. Ramazan Noyan Culum, 38, set off on his 2,500-mile quest from Turkey in April in a 16ft-yacht to find Courtney Murray, whom he met in 2005.