The News Matrix: Thursday 26 April 2012


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Heads threaten to boycott new tests

Headteachers could boycott the Government's new compulsory grammar, spelling and punctuation tests for 11-year-olds. Steve Iredale, the new president of the National Association of Head Teachers, told i: "I'd be willing to support a ballot for not doing these tests." MORE

Mobiles don't harm you, review claims

A review of all reports on the electromagnetic fields emitted by mobile phones claims there is still "no convincing evidence" the devices affect human health. The Independent Advisory Group on Non-ionising Radiation said the only established risk is using a mobile phone while driving. MORE

Ballet queen Bussell joins 'Strictly' judges

Darcey Bussell, former principal dancer with the Royal Ballet, has joined the judging panel of this year's Strictly Come Dancing. She replaces Alesha Dixon, the singer who jumped ship to ITV1's Britain's Got Talent.

More BBC staff than athletes in GB team

There will be more BBC staff covering the Olympics than athletes on the British team. Some 765 staff have been accredited for the London Games, while the number of athletes representing Great Britain is expected to be about 550. US network NBC used 2,800 staff in previous Games.

Hollande seems sure of election victory

François Hollande, the favourite to be the next French President, appeared to have jumped the gun yesterday by giving what seemed like his first presidential press conference. The Socialist front-runner was in no doubt about winning the second round of the election. MORE

Charges upheld against Manning

A military judge last night refused to dismiss charges against Bradley Manning, who is accused of providing thousands of sensitive documents to the WikiLeaks website in the biggest leak of government secrets in the country's history. Colonel Denise Lind denied the defence's motion to throw out all 22 charges during a pre-trial hearing in the court martial of the soldier.

Gingrich to suspend election campaign

Hours after Mitt Romney effectively declared victory in the long battle to become the Republican presidential nominee for 2012, one of his last surviving rivals, Newt Gingrich, yesterday promised to suspend his campaign in the next few days. Fresh from winning primary elections in five states, Mr Romney will now turn his fire exclusively on President Barack Obama. MORE

Basement bones are 200 years old

Human bones found in a Vienna basement are likely to be those of soldiers who died fighting Napoleon's troops in Austria. Police said the bones appeared to be from a cemetery for fallen soldiers from the German state of Saxony, that used to be on the site. The soldiers were killed in the second battle for Vienna in 1809.

Traore announces his new government

Mali's interim president has announced a new government, a month after the fall of the country's democratically-elected leader. Dioncounda Traore named 24 ministers. None of them served in the previous government. Three posts – defence, internal security and the interior – are now held by military officers.

Pinochet will gives no clue to lost fortune

Those hoping that General Augusto Pinochet's secret will could reveal the whereabouts of millions of dollars he allegedly stole from the state before his death in 2006, were disappointed yesterday when it was opened by a court. The independent government agency investigating the matter will now open Pinochet's will from 2000.

Slick design luring young to smoke

Tobacco companies' efforts to lure young people into smoking are paying off, according to new research. Children aged between six and 11 shown the slickly designed packets responded with remarks such as "It makes you feel you're in a wonderland of happiness" and "It reminds me of a Ferrari". MORE

Jolie honoured for 'truth of war' in film

Sarajevo has given Angelina Jolie honorary citizenship in recognition of her directorial debut of the film In the Land of Blood and Honey. Bosnia's capital said it was awarding Jolie the title for her efforts to preserve the "truth about the war". It's not known if Jolie will attend a ceremony to formalise the citizenship on 3 May.