The News Matrix: Thursday 28 March 2013


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UK broadband speeds differ wildly

Internet broadband speeds can vary wildly within the same city, a report has found. In Birmingham, internet users in Perry Barr enjoy an average data transfer rate of 20.9Mbps, while just two miles down the road in Castle Vale speeds often reached just 2.2Mbps. In London, download speeds varied by up to 17Mbps in different postcode areas. MORE

Rolling Stones rock up as headline act

The Rolling Stones will make their first appearance at the Glastonbury Festival from 28-30 June this year after being named as one of the headline acts. Mick Jagger said he couldn't wait to play, telling fans on Twitter: "I have my wellies and my yurt." Also headlining are the Arctic Monkeys and Mumford & Sons.

Viking Cruises pulls ad over burning boat

Viking River Cruises pulled its sponsorship of this Monday's episode of ITV drama Broadchurch because it did not want to be associated with scenes of a burning boat. Last week's episode, which saw a boat set on fire minutes after a promotional segment for the holiday firm, prompted mocking tweets from viewers.

Hopes dashed as 'stolen' violin is fake

A Korean violinist's hopes of recovering her stolen £1.2m Stradivarius violin were dashed after a police raid in Bulgaria only managed to find a replica. Min-jin Kym's instrument was stolen as she queued at Pret A Manger in Euston Station. Officers found a violin marked with the name Antonio Stradivari, but it was a fake.

Not just any old bricks in the Wall

Workers backed by about 250 police removed parts of the Berlin Wall known as the East Side Gallery before dawn yesterday to make way for an up-market building project. Residents expressed shock at the move, which followed several protests including one attended by American celebrity David Hasselhof.

Raids on human rights organisations

Russian authorities searched the Moscow offices of Human Rights Watch and three other prominent advocacy groups yesterday, part of a wave of hundreds of inspections that activists say is a campaign to silence criticism of President Vladimir Putin. MORE

Savers can only take out €300 from banks

Cypriots will only be allowed to withdraw €300 (£255) in cash each day when the country's banks reopen today. Banks have been shut since 16 March to prevent a run on deposits while politicians worked out a new plan to secure an international bailout. MORE

Man killed parents to get inheritance

A man who failed to kill his parents by driving a car into a canal has been found guilty of shooting them dead four months later. Stephen Seddon, 46, killed them to inherit £230,000 and was convicted of two counts of murder and attempted murder at Manchester Crown Court.

Treasury looks for still more savings

The Treasury has told Government departments to cut budgets by a further 10 per cent in one year. The NHS, schools and international development are exempt, while the Ministry of Defence must find cuts of 5 per cent. Ministers have warned there is nothing left to cut. MORE

Two officers held over custody death

Two serving Metropolitan Police officers have been arrested on suspicion of perjury and perverting the course of justice in the case of the death of a 40-year-old man in custody in 2008. Police also arrested a retired officer on suspicion of perverting the course of justice. Sean Rigg, a schizophrenic, died from a cardiac arrest. An inquest found that officers used "unsuitable" force after arresting him.