The News Matrix: Tuesday 13 May 2014


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Millions die from alcohol effects

More than three million deaths worldwide in 2012 were due to harmful use of alcohol, and Europe is the area with the highest consumption of alcohol per capita, according to a report by the World Health Organisation. The United Nations health agency studied 194 countries and found that harmful use of alcohol led to 3.3 million deaths during 2012.

Separatists declare independence

Pro-Moscow insurgents in eastern Ukraine have declared independence and are seeking to join Russia, following a referendum on self-rule. Russia signalled it has no intention of subsuming eastern Ukraine, and many Western nations decried the vote as illegal.

Second Heathrow passenger has virus

An airline passenger who travelled through Heathrow Airport has been diagnosed with a potentially deadly Sars-like virus – the second case in just over a week. The passenger – flying from Jeddah to the USA via London – was suffering from Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.

Exit polls forecast Modi as next PM

Millions of Indian voters wrapped up the country’s mammoth national election yesterday, and exit polls – which have been proved wrong in the past – indicated that Hindu nationalist opposition leader Narendra Modi was the front-runner for Prime Minister.

Nurses suspended over records scandal

Ten nurses have been suspended from a hospital in a police probe into alleged record-keeping anomalies. The members of staff were suspended from Princess of Wales Hospital in Bridgend, Wales. Three nurses were arrested and bailed and a further seven were suspended.

France: prosecute Syrian war crimes

France circulated a draft resolution to Security Council members that seeks to refer the civil war in Syria to the International Criminal Court for prosecution of war crimes by both government and opposition forces. The council is to meet tomorrow to discuss the draft.

Gormley sculptures shelved after suicide

An art installation of 31 life-size human sculptures by the British artist Sir Antony Gormley on the rooftops of buildings in Hong Kong has been cancelled after the suicide of a banker in the city.

Quarter of Britons lacking in vitamin D

Millions of Britons are not getting enough vitamin D – putting them at greater risk of developing rickets and bone deformities, an NHS watchdog has warned. Up to a quarter of the population don’t get enough of the “sunshine” vitamin, which is crucial for healthy bones.