The News Matrix: Tuesday 14 May 2013


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Service stations told to advertise prices

The Government may force motorways service stations to advertise their petrol prices at the side of the road to prevent them from fleecing drivers once they have pulled in to fill up, it emerged yesterday. In  some cases, motorway garages charge 10p a litre more for fuel than their rivals. Proposals also include signs giving the distance to alternative stations.

Rapper: do not name rape-case suspects

A rapper has called for defendants in rape cases to be given anonymity until convicted. Aggro Santos, a Brazilian-born former contestant on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, was cleared of rape 10 days ago but said his reputation was “tarnished” despite the acquittal. MORE

Mobile phone maker targets 4-year-olds

A mobile phone aimed at children aged four to nine is on sale. The 1stFone is the size of a credit card and holds 12 numbers. Maker OwnFone believes the reduced functionality will protect children from cyber bullying, inappropriate online material and other parental concerns.

Security tightened ahead of G8 summit

Northern Ireland is preparing for one of its largest ever major security operations ahead of the G8 summit in Fermanagh. About 7,000 police will be deployed, along with 3,600 drafted in from Britain. It is feared terrorists may attempt an attack to gain exposure. MORE

Oddie evicted from HSBC over protest

Bill Oddie has been evicted from HSBC’s London headquarters while making a protest film, highlighting the bank’s relationship with logging companies. After being forcibly ejected, the naturalist and BBC television presenter likened HSBC to “most great predators”. MORE

Evans to stay away from Parliament

Nigel Evans has said will not resume his parliamentary duties while under investigation for allegations of rape and sexual assault. The deputy speaker of the House of Commons, arrested on 4 May, originally said he would only be away until tomorrow, when Queen’s Speech debates end.

30 psychiatric patients on the run

Police were hunting for more than 30 patients last night after a mass breakout from a psychiatric hospital in the capital, Nairobi. The patients – some of whom are reported to be violent – were being treated at the Mathari hospital when they overwhelmed the guards and escaped on Sunday evening.

Ban Berlusconi from office, court is told

Prosecutors have demanded a  six-year sentence and lifetime ban from public office at the latest trial of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. He is accused of paying for sex with a 17-year-old dancer at “bunga bunga” parties in 2010, and with abusing his office. Mr Berlusconi denies the allegations. MORE

Prada service ‘is no better than Primark’

When it comes to customer service, you’re as well served in Primark as in Prada, according to a new guide. Prada’s outlet in Bond Street, central London, was earned just two out of five stars for customer experience – as did Primark’s Marble Arch branch. The designer store was criticised for inattentive staff. MORE

Looks like we got  us a convoy…

Police have defended using a convoy of patrol cars to escort a mobility scooter to a police station. A passenger in a passing car posted online a 23-second clip of the incident in Salisbury. Wiltshire Police said escorting the buggy as it was driven by an officer following an arrest was “the quickest and safest way”.

Bath’s birds are given an early bath

Bath Rugby Club are playing tapes of head coach Gary Gold’s half-time speeches to scare away birds after grass seed laid for next season attracted hungry flocks. The South  African’s dulcet tones now play on full volume from speakers. A spokesman said: “Our feathered intruders seem to be getting the picture.”

Woman is kicked off flight for singing

A woman has been escorted off an aeroplane for repeatedly singing the Whitney Houston song “I Will Always Love You”, despite requests from cabin crew for her to stop, a spokesperson for American Airlines said. The flight from LA to New York stopped in Kansas City just to offload her, according to WBTV.

‘24’ returns – for  a 12-hour series

The US television thriller 24 will return in summer 2014 with its lead star, Kiefer Sutherland, below, after a four-year hiatus. Fox said a 12-episode mini-series would see Sutherland return as Jack Bauer – but would not show every hour of the day as previous series have.