The News Matrix: Tuesday 24 April 2012


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Photographers fear growing clampdown

A clampdown by private security guards on photography near Olympic venues has led to numerous complaints from amateur and professional photographers, who fear that public photography at this summer's games could be affected by draconian measures. MORE

Women sue military over sex attacks

Two women have filed lawsuits against a former Secretary of Defence and other top officials, alleging they were raped while students at elite service academies, and that the Pentagon and the colleges did nothing to prevent it. The women claim their careers were ruined. MORE

Dancer 'demanded €5m from Berlusconi'

Karima "Ruby" El Mahroug, the teenage belly dancer allegedly paid by Silvio Berlusconi for sex, told a friend she began "seeing" the former Italian leader when she was just 16 – and that she later demanded €5m (£4m) from him to keep quiet, according to wiretaps that emerged yesterday. MORE

Man 'drew up a hit list of paedophiles'

A man made a hit list of people he planned to kill in his campaign to rid the world of paedophiles, Lewes Crown court heard. Christopher Hunnisett, 28, denies murdering Peter Bick, 57, at his home in Bexhill last year. Philip Katz QC said there was no evidence Mr Bick was a paedophile.

Trayvon killer freed from prison on bail

George Zimmerman has been freed from jail on bail and is at a secret location preparing for the trial that will decide whether he is guilty of murdering the unarmed black teenager, Trayvon Martin in February. MORE

Call for new inquiry into Lawrence case

A new inquiry should be held to examine allegations that corruption within the Metropolitan Police hindered detectives hunting for the killers of black teenager Stephen Lawrence, the shadow Home Secretary demanded last night. Yvette Cooper said that new racism allegations against the Met should also be scrutinised. MORE

Sarkozy fights for his political survival

President Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday fought back after his defeat in the first round of the presidential election on Sunday, accusing the Socialist front-runner of cowardice. However, he is predicted to lose the run-off on 6 May by eight to 12 points, and was looking increasingly isolated. MORE

Egypt cancels gas contract with Israel

Egypt has cancelled a 20-year gas supply contract with Israel over a payment dispute in a fresh sign of the deteriorating ties between the two countries. The 2005 deal is a focus for public ire in Egypt, as a hated symbol of the previous government's close ties with the Jewish state. MORE

Rooney Snr faces no further legal action

The father of Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney will face no further action after being arrested as part of an investigation into an alleged football betting scam. Wayne Rooney Snr was one of nine men arrested over bets on a 2010 game between Motherwell and Hearts.

Girl describes fleeing mother's murder

An 11-year-old described escaping as her mother suffered "degrading assaults" before being shot dead. The girl was giving evidence at the trial of David Oakes, who is accused of killing Christine Chambers and their daughter Shania. He denies murder.

Hearing held over Shia-led uprising

A court heard from defence lawyers for a jailed hunger striker and other activists seeking to overturn their sentences linked to the Shia-led uprising against the Gulf kingdom's Sunni monarchy. Abdulhadi al-Khawaja's is 11 weeks into his protest.

China wakes up to Weetabix's appeal

A staple of the British breakfast table since 1932, Weetabix could soon become a Chinese brand if a bid from Shangai-based Bright Food is successful. The firm has been in talks with Lion Capital, Weetabix's private equity owner, for several weeks and reportedly values the business at £1bn.

We really hate to say goodbye but...

Workers at investment firm Aviva Investors got a shock on Friday when the company accidentally sent an email with leaving instructions intended for one departing employee to the worldwide staff of 1,300. The firm recalled the offending message 25 minutes later and apologised.

Tate to showcase performance art

The Tate Modern is launching the world's first dedicated gallery space for "live" art – in its underground oil tanks. From July until the end of October the former power station will exhibit live art, performance and film pieces in its industrial chambers as part of the London 2012 Festival.

World's best chefs to cook in London

A pop-up version of the world's best restaurant, Denmark's Noma, whose dishes by head chef René Redzepi include "radishes in edible soil", will open in the ballroom of Claridge's hotel for 10 days from 28 July to 6 August.

Nature centre hopes to breed red pandas

Staff at the Birmingham Nature Centre are hoping to breed their first red panda after matching a pair of the endangered species. Breeders have brought Ling Lui out of quarantine to be mated with Amba, a female from nearby Dudley zoo. There are fewer than 2,500 red pandas in the world.

Misdirected mob gets the wrong man

It could happen to anyone wearing a woolly hat and dark glasses. A radio producer was mobbed after stepping out of a hotel in New Zealand when a group of teenage girls mistook him for a member of the band One Direction.

White House 'uninvites' Sarandon

Susan Sarandon, the Oscar-winner, Unicef Goodwill Ambassador and serial endorser of liberal causes, claims to have been struck off the guest list for an event at the White House scheduled for next week. Ms Sarandon said the decision was taken after a surveillance operation. MORE

It's official: Tea is the national drink

It may come as surprise to many that tea doesn't already have the moniker of India's national drink, but that wrong is about to be put right. India is set to declare tea as the national drink in memory of Maniram Dewan, who was hanged by the British in 1857 for taking part in a rebellion.