The News Matrix: Tuesday 30 April 2013


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2015 ‘will see change in UK government’

The public believes it will be “time for a change” come the 2015 general election following the Government’s failure to rejuvenate the economy,  a ComRes poll has found. Some 58 per cent of people believe the Government’s financial plan hasn’t worked. MORE

More children to get yearly flu vaccines

Flu vaccinations will be administered to every child in England and Wales each year. The virus is rarely fatal in children, but they are its biggest transmitters. All children aged two will be offered a vaccine from September, which could lead to 2,000 fewer deaths a year. MORE

Europe votes in favour of plan bee

A Europe-wide ban on the nerve-agent pesticides blamed for the dramatic decline in global bee populations is set to come into force following an EU vote. Despite British opposition, 15 of the 27 states voted for a two-year restriction on three neonicotinoid insecticides. MORE

Gene therapy for heart patients soon

The first gene therapy treatments for heart failure patients in Britain are to begin within weeks. A few dozen patients will be exposed to a virus carrying a copy of a human gene known to boost heartbeat. The study is aimed at improving the lives of up to a million people. MORE

Vote for female equality is Rigged

Actress Diana Rigg, left, says she won’t be interviewed by a woman as “they’re capable of being much more bitchy than men”. She went on: “I love women but am aware we’re dangerous and deeply competitive”.

Seven die as US cargo jet crashes

Seven people were killed last night when a civilian cargo aircraft crashed shortly after taking off from the US Bagram airbase in Afghanistan. The Taliban claimed responsibility for “shooting down” the jet. But a Nato spokesman later denied any Taliban involvement, adding that the 20-year-old Boeing 747 had come down within the boundaries of the US base near Kabul.

Five guilty of selling human organs

Five Kosovans were yesterday found guilty of crimes connected to an international organ-harvesting ring. Seven people were on trial accused of luring impoverished people from former Soviet states to Kosovo with the promise of large payments for organs. Victims were promised up to €12,000 (£10,000) for a kidney. Organs were sold to rich customers, most of them Israeli, who paid between €80,000 and €100,000 for the organs.

At least 35 injured by explosion at office

An explosion in the centre of Prague injured at least 35 people and left several people buried under rubble. The explosion in a century-old office building is thought to have been caused by a gas leak. Thirty people were taken to hospital, two with  serious injuries. MORE

Pushy girl had really bad table manners

A Mexican official’s daughter has caused a scandal by sending inspectors to shut down a restaurant that didn’t give her the table she wanted. She is the daughter of the federal attorney general for consumer protection, Humberto Benitez Trevino, who apologised for “the inappropriate behaviour of my daughter”.

Father arrested over Ferrari driver, aged 9

An Indian father who let his nine-year-old son drive his Ferrari has been arrested. A video showing the boy driving the car on his ninth birthday with his five-year-old brother in the passenger seat was posted on YouTube. Mohammed Nisham was charged with endangering the life of a child and allowing a minor to drive.

Ban on cars with privileged plates

China is banning the use of privileged military licence plates on luxury cars to try to curb abuses and enhance the reputation of the People’s Liberation Army. The vehicles allow owners to avoid paying tolls, parking fees and speeding tickets. But they have elicited a deep cynicism among the public.

Coventry’s top for tasty tap water

The debate about which British region boasts the tastiest tap water has finally been settled: it comes not from “hard” northern or “soft” southern waters but from the middle of Britain – in Coventry. A panel of judges tasted water from 10 locations and yesterday crowned Coventry’s the best.

Shirt is loud enough to make you Def

A children’s rugby team can boast the loudest shirt in sport, after getting sponsored by rock legends Def Leppard. Rhiwbina under-10s in Cardiff teamed up with the multi-platinum rockers thanks to coach Richard Proctor. The 46-year-old designed the artwork for three Def Leppard albums, so he asked the band and they agreed.