The News Matrix: Tuesday 5 June 2012


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Boy, two, has surgery after dog attack

A two-year-old boy in Swindon has undergone surgery to his face after one of his ears and part of his nose were torn off by a dog. Keiron Guess was found in a neighbour's back garden by his grandfather who suffered an arm injury trying to fight off the Staffordshire bull terrier.

Mubarak entry to jail is reported in media

Details of Hosni Mubarak's first night in prison have seeped into the Egyptian press after the former president was sentenced to life. It came as protesters angered by the two remaining candidates in the election for his successor planned rallies for today. MORE

Grayling: £9,000 fees may not be enough

Oxford and Cambridge will inevitably have to charge more than £9,000 a year to avoid losing their reputations for excellence, and may drop out of the state funding system altogether Professor AC Grayling says. MORE

Torch is rerouted because of scuffles

The Olympic torch route in Northern Ireland had to be changed due to protests. Minor scuffles among a group of people demonstrating against police raids on homes in Londonderry prompted the switch near the city's Guildhall, SDLP MLA Mark Durkan said. MORE

Spain under pressure over banking crisis

Spain is under pressure to reveal what it intends to do about its troubled banks as it resists a foreign bailout. Spain's borrowing rates in the bond markets stayed worryingly high yesterday, reflecting investors' concern that Madrid may indeed need to ask for overseas aid. MORE

Putin avoids thorny subject of Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin skirted the issue of Syria in a meeting with senior European Union figures in St Petersburg yesterday, despite mounting evidence of more deaths in the uprising last weekend. The discussions were held with the European Council President Herman Van Rompuy and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso. MORE

Kurd rebels free British tourist

Kurdish militants have released a British tourist snatched from a passenger bus in southeastern Turkey, and the man was in good health, officials said yesterday. The man was still in the care of Turkish authorities, they added.

26 killed by suicide bomber at Shia office

A suicide bomber detonated an explosive-packed car outside a Shia Muslim office in central Baghdad on Monday, killing at least 26 people and wounding more than 190 in an attack bearing the hallmarks of Iraq's al-Qa'ida affiliate. The attack left many dead and wounded along a main street, blasting a building into rubble.

Vatican condemns nun's book on sex

The Vatican criticised a popular American nun on Monday, saying her book on sexual ethics, including topics such as masturbation and homosexuality, contradicted Catholic teaching and must not be used by Catholic educators. It said her writings pose "grave harm to the faithful". MORE

Costner and Baldwin in court over oil deal

Actors Kevin Costner and Stephen Baldwin began a real-life legal drama over Baldwin's claims that Costner cheated him out of his share of a multi-million dollar deal to sell oil extractors to BP in 2010. Baldwin claims he was not kept "in the loop" before he sold his shares in a company marketing Costner's devices. MORE

Cyclist goes around the world in 92 days

A cyclist had triple cause for celebration yesterday: he won a round-the-world bike race on his birthday, breaking the world record in the process. Mike Hall, 31, became the fastest person to circumnavigate the globe by bicycle, taking just 92 days and beating the previous record holder by nearly two weeks. MORE

Traffic wardens are back in Aberystwyth

It must have seemed like a motorists' Utopia – streets with no traffic wardens. But yesterday, after a year away, enforcement officers returned to the streets with Aberystwyth. The gap in service was owing to the transfer of responsibility for paying for the wardens from police to the council. MORE

Breivik judge plays solitaire in court

One of five judges trying the mass killer Anders Behring Breivik was photographed playing solitaire in court. The image, published in Norwegian media, showed Ernst Henning Eielsen playing the card game on his laptop as an expert witness gave evidence. The game was reportedly running for up to 16 minutes before the court adjourned for lunch.