The News Matrix: Tuesday 6 November 2012


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Three Britons in court over stabbing

Three UK tourists have appeared in court in Cyprus accused of murdering a young British soldier. David Lee Collins, 19, was fatally stabbed after a fight took place outside a nightclub in Ayia Napa. The three men have not been formally charged with murder but will continue to be detained while police continue their investigations.  MORE

Fan held over 'racist' monkey gesture

A football fan has been arrested over what appeared to be a monkey gesture made to a footballer and caught on camera during a Chelsea match against Manchester United. The man, aged 28, was arrested after attending a west London police station by appointment.

9 fined for naming rape victim online

Nine friends and family members of a footballer convicted of rape were sentenced to pay compensation to his victim yesterday, after subjecting her to verbal abuse on social media networks. They called her a "money-grabbing whore", Prestatyn Magistrates' Court heard.  MORE

43 victims seek damages for abuse

The BBC, Savile's estate and Stoke Mandeville hospital are among seven institutions facing legal action from 43 victims seeking damages for alleged sexual abuse. Twenty BBC staff are facing internal allegations of sexual misconduct following the Jimmy Savile revelations.

Ash disease is present at 82 sites

New surveys of the deadly ash dieback disease have found that the fungus is more widespread than previously thought. Government scientists confirmed yesterday that it is present at 82 separate sites, with more outbreaks expected to be found. MORE

Williams asked to say sorry for 'punch'

Robbie Williams, left, has been asked to apologise for his new video, in which he is seen punching an elderly woman. The National Pensioners Convention made the plea about the video for his song, "Candy".

Soaring population will cause 'epidemic'

A population explosion will have devastating effects on mankind, Sir David Attenborough has warned. Speaking to the Radio Times he said: "There will be some huge, disastrous epidemic…humanity will stagger on, though not quite as luxuriously."

Report urges shock therapy for economy

France needs "shock" therapy to break its downward economic spiral, including a substantial cut in payroll taxes, the government was told yesterday. A dire official report by the former boss of Airbus and the French railways suggests 22 remedies to restore France's collapsing competitiveness. MORE

Look up, Bigfoot, up there in the sky

An Idaho scientist determined to find evidence of Bigfoot has turned his sights skyward, with plans to float a blimp over a US mountain range in search of the mythic creature. Idaho State University has approved the unusual proposal of faculty member Jeffrey Meldrum. He is trying to raise $300,000.

Loo ban with all the bells and whistles

Officials in one Indian state have come up with an imaginative ploy to try and stop public urination – publically shame anyone caught in the act. Volunteers with drums and whistles will patrol streets of Rajasthan and let rip with a cacophony of banging if they come across anyone urinating or defecating in public.

Cocka-tool shows a handy skill

After Noc the talking beluga whale and Koshik the talking elephant, here comes Figaro, the tool-making cockatoo. Experts at Vienna University have observed Figaro fashioning wooden sticks just the right size and shape for retrieving nuts which have been placed out of his reach.

Gwen says sorry for video gaffe

Pop band No Doubt has withdrawn its cowboys-and-Indians-themed music video and apologised to Native Americans for any offence. The band says the video for Looking Hot was "never to offend, hurt or trivialise Native Americans". The video features Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal in Native American clothes.