The News Matrix: Wednesday 12 December 2012


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Family to receive more than £320,000

The family of a nurse who apparently took her own life after being duped by two Australian DJ hoax callers is to receive more than £320,000 from a memorial fund. Jacintha Saldanha's husband and teenage children will receive money generated from the advertising profits of the Sydney station 2Day FM, whose presenters were behind the prank call. MORE

MPs vow to rewrite 'snooper's charter'

Ministers have signalled that they will rewrite the Communications Bill, dubbed a "snooper's charter" by critics, which gives police and security services new powers to monitor communications, after an influential parliamentary committee branded it "overkill". MORE

Prime Minister quits after being arrested

The Prime Minister resigned on state television following his arrest by soliders who were behind a military coup in March. Cheikh Modibo Diarra said: "I apologise before the entire population." An EU military training mission aimed to help oust Islamist insurgents will go ahead. MORE

Over 500 'victims' have come forward

More than 500 people have come forward claiming they were victims of the late DJ and television presenter Jimmy Savile. Around 200 allegations of sexual assault have been recorded, Scotland Yard said yesterday. Savile died in October last year at the age of 84.

Berlusconi hits out at Monti over reform

The former Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi has attacked his successor, Mario Monti, saying his austerity measures are too "German-centred" and are putting the country in worse shape than before. Mr Monti has said he will resign as after the budget is approved. MORE

Crusader takes on Mafia in court

Six years after he was forced to hide, Italy's most high-profile anti-Mafia campaigner has appeared in court to sue the gangsters who ordered his death. Roberto Saviano is taking action against Camorra bosses. MORE

Labour to oppose below-inflation rises

Labour is to vote against below-inflation rises in most state benefits in the new year. Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls told MPs 60 per cent of the families affected by the 1 per cent rises were in work because the squeeze also applies to tax credits. MORE

Cancer-screening scheme unveiled

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has unveiled plans for new cancer-screening programmes to help the UK to reach the lowest cancer-mortality rates in Europe. Pilot programmes to screen over-55s for bowel cancer will be launched in five areas in England.

Growing frustration over air congestion

More people in China are taking domestic flights than ever, but not all are willing to sit politely during delays. Airline crews and ground staff have been assaulted, passengers have stormed the runway and an emergency exit door on a plane has been yanked open.

Survey exposes bad habits in the gym

A trip to the gym is not necessarily the best way to stay fit and healthy, according to a new survey. Almost three-quarters of people polled by Nuffield Health said they had witnessed "bad fitness etiquette" in the gym, including poor hygiene such as failing to clean sweaty equipment.

CIA agent actress in line for Oscar

Jessica Chastain's performance as CIA agent "Maya" in Zero Dark Thirty – a film about the hunt for Osama Bin Laden – has made her a front-runner for an Oscar. But the real-life Maya is difficult. "She's not Miss Congeniality, but that's not going to find Osama bin Laden," one colleague said.

Nigeria makes its Monopoly debut

The first African city edition of the board game Monopoly has launched in the Nigerian metropolis of Lagos. Banana Island, where houses can sell for £4.9m, occupies the same square as Mayfair in the London version, while the Makoko slum is the cheapest property on the board. "Go to jail" cards say "Go directly to Kirikiri jail," the city's maximum security prison.

Newspaper plans to feature o-pet-uaries

Grieving pet owners in Singapore will soon be able to pay tribute to their deceased companions in print. The Straits Times is to publish pet obituaries with an accompanying photo. Singaporeans are renowned for lavishing their pets with premium food, toys and designer clothing.

Uproar at British museum exhibit

The head of St Petersburg's Hermitage Museum has accused Russian authorities of fostering "mob rule" in taking up complaints by Russian Orthodox Christians over a British exhibit they said injured religious feelings. It features figurines draped in Nazi insignia.

X Factor single is a record-breaker

This year's series of the X Factor might have suffered in the ratings, but it could produce the fastest-selling winner's single. "Impossible", by James Arthur, left, had sold 187,000 copies by midnight on Monday.

White urban women have best shot at 100

What’s the secret to living to 100? According to a US Census report, it’s best to be a white, city-dwelling female in the North-east or Midwest. Only about 20 per cent of the 53,364 American centenarians in 2010 were men. The world’s oldest living person is Iowa’s 115-year-old Dina Manfredini.

Deayton to join cast of Waterloo Road

Television presenter Angus Deayton will star in the next series of BBC drama Waterloo Road, more than 10 years after he was fired from Have I Got News for You for tabloid revelations surrounding an alleged drugs-and-prostitute scandal. He will play language teacher George Windsor.