The News Matrix: Wednesday 15 October 2014


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£5 a week for extra job-loss benefits

Workers may have to contribute £5 a week into a personal welfare account to receive increased benefits if they lose their job, according to a new report. The scheme would be run by private-sector providers but guaranteed by the Government. Steve Hughes, a report author, said: “The current system does not reflect the contributions people make through their working lives.”

Nurse arrested over deaths of 38 patients

A nurse, Daniela Poggiali, 42, was arrested at the weekend following the death of a patient who had dangerous levels of potassium in her system. A further 37 questionable deaths were found after an investigation. Ms Poggiali has denied any wrongdoing.

Police break down activists’ barricades

Police used sledgehammers and chainsaws to tear down barricades erected by pro-democracy protesters, reopening a major road for the first time in two weeks. But demonstrators swarmed into a tunnel on a major four-lane thoroughfare, bringing traffic to a halt.

Petition calls for Greens to join debate

Following the Ukip leader Nigel Farage’s invite to join a debate with the three main party leaders, more than 75,000 people have signed a petition to allow the Green Party to also be included. The party has had an MP in Parliament for four years while Ukip only secured one last week.

Dewani murder: gay evidence ‘irrelevant’

A judge in the murder trial of Anni Dewani has ruled that evidence relating to the sexuality of Shrien Dewani is not relevant, despite the prosecution claiming it showed he was “conflicted” about getting married. Mr Dewani had visited gay sex websites shortly after his wife’s death in 2010.

Shia militias ‘killing Sunni civilians’

Iraq’s Shia militias have abducted and killed “scores” of Sunni civilians in apparent retaliation for Isis militant attacks, according to a  new report by Amnesty International. The accusations  in the report were based on interviews with families.

Kim Jong-un returns after 6-week absence

After vanishing from the public eye for nearly six weeks, North Koreal leader Kim Jong-un ended rumours that he was gravely ill, deposed or dead by touring the Wisong scientists Residential District.

‘Trojan Horse’ schools still failing

Ofsted has warned that five Birmingham schools have taken “very little action” to address their failing status, given to them during the scandal over Islamist ideas being imposed. Sir Michael Wilshaw of Ofsted said that “too much poor practice remained unchallenged”.

Yorkists up in arms over Richard III

Yorkists believe reinterment plans to transfer Richard III’s body from the University of Leicester to Leicester Cathedral next year could deny the body the respect it deserves. Campaigner Mary McKenzie said: “It should be a quieter, more religious affair, with more of his personal faith in the service.”

Russians dismiss Abbott threat

A Russian diplomat yesterday dismissed Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s threat of a physical confrontation with Vladimir Putin at next month’s summit in Brisbane as immature. “We admire the Australian Prime Minister. He’s very fit, but the Russian President, he’s a professional judo wrestler,” he said.

McIntyre walks out over phone row

Comedian Michael McIntyre walked off stage at a show in Darlington because a front-row audience member kept using her phone. McIntyre resumed the show after security had spoken to the woman, but many fans used Twitter to apologise. “Great show in Darlington tonight… sorry about the idiot in the front row,” said one.

Cat adds £76,000  to house sale price

An Australian family has sold their pet cat as it added an extra A$140,000 (£76,000) to the sale of their home. The Percevals had already had a bid of A$2,060,000 (£1.1m) for their Melbourne home when their estate agent told them a higher offer had been made as the new bidder’s child liked the cat.

Alicia Keys at Boko Haram protest

Alicia Keys joined a protest in New York yesterday to raise awareness about the more than 200 Nigerian schoolgirls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram militants in April. The protest marked six months since the girls were abducted. Keys was joined her husband, producer-rapper Swizz Beatz.