The News Matrix: Wednesday 2 April 2014


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New inquest into 96 deaths begins

On the first day of evidence at the fresh inquests into the Hillsborough tragedy it took six and a half minutes to read the names of all 96 dead. Coroner Lord Justice Goldring told the jury that it was their task to decide which opportunities had  been missed that might have saved their lives, and what underlying  circumstances contributed to  the deaths. MORE

Most vulnerable hit by bedroom tax

Disabled people are suffering “severe financial hardship and distress” as a result of the so-called bedroom tax, a cross-party committee of MPs has concluded.  Vulnerable people, who were not the intended targets of the reform, have little hope of moving home.

Evacuated families allowed back home

For the first time since the Fukushima nuclear disaster three years ago, families are being allowed to return to their homes in part of the evacuation zone – 357 people will be allowed back to the city of Tamura. But many are reluctant to go, because of fears of radiation.

Woman died after being ‘denied aid’

An immigration detainee who died after allegedly being denied medical assistance has been named. Christine Case, 40, died on Sunday at Yarl’s Wood in Bedfordshire.  Immigration Minister James Brokenshire said claims she was denied medical assistance would be investigated.

Death toll in Ebola outbreak hits 80

An Ebola outbreak has battered Guinea as officials attempt to contain the deadly virus. The country has suffered 80 deaths from 122 suspected cases. Medical charity Médecins sans Frontières said the problem is centred near the south-eastern part of the country.

Officer claims Met is ‘institutionally racist’

PC Carol Howard, a black female officer who has taken the Metropolitan Police to an employment tribunal, said yesterday that the force was “institutionally racist”. MORE

BBC criticised over climate change

A parliamentary report has accused the BBC of misleading the public by allowing unqualified climate sceptics too much air time and giving opinion the same weight as fact. It is criticised for distorting the debate on climate change through its determination to put the other side of the argument across. MORE

Peace talks falter on prisoner release

President Mahmoud Abbas applied to join 15 international organisations, a step Israel views as incompatible with the continuation of the troubled peace negotiations. Senior Palestinians said the move was made in response to Israel’s failure to release a final batch of Palestinian prisoners. MORE