The News Matrix: Wednesday 24 October 2012


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Carp failed to rise to the bait, say England

The world of freshwater fishing has been thrown into chaos after the Romanian winners of the World Carp Angling Championships were accused of cheating. The host nation had spent five months feeding the fish with a secret bait recipe. The English team said this meant the fish ignored foreign bait. MORE

Amnesty on weapons announced

Sheriffs in some areas of South Carolina counties have offered residents the chance to turn in explosives to authorities, no questions asked. Officials are calling it "Explosives Amnesty Week". People can call the police to have explosives, ammunition, weapons and bomb materials removed from their property.

Inherited illnesses could be blocked

Scientists have made a breakthrough by transferring genes between unfertilised human eggs to produce embryos. The resulting embryos should carry only healthy mitochondria, but the technique would result in children who technically have three genetic parents, a father and two mothers. MORE

Women on HRT 'less at risk' of Alzheimer's

Women who begin taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT) within five years of the menopause may reduce their risk of developing Alzheimer's, a study suggests. Scientists monitored 1,768 women aged 65 and over for 11 years, taking note of their history of HRT use. The researchers found that women who started HRT within five years of the menopause had a 30% lower risk of Alzheimer's.

Zoo unveils polar bear monument

Fans of the late celebrity polar bear Knut yesterday packed the area around the Berlin Zoo enclosure where he died unexpectedly last year for the dedication of a new monument to him. Zoo director, Bernhard Blaszkiewitz, said he hopes the bronze statue, called "Knut the dreamer", will attract children to the park.

Moyles beaten by Today programme

Outgoing breakfast host Chris Moyles bowed out with fewer listeners than John Humphrys, after his Radio 1 show was beaten by Radio 4's Today programme. The self-styled "saviour of Radio 1" went out on a low as his audience dipped to its lowest level for more than six years. He finished on 6.73 million last month.

17th teen convicted in mob killing

A teenager has become the 17th person convicted over the mob killing of a schoolboy at London Victoria station after a clash between pupils from rival schools. Junior Bayode, 19, was found guilty of manslaughter. Sofyen Belamouadden was chased and stabbed nine times in March 2010.

Romney in votes machine rumpus

Republican Mitt Romney's presidential campaign has been hit by accusations over his links to a firm that provides the voting machines which will be used to tally the ballot in the crucial state of Ohio. MORE

Possible truce for Islamic holiday

The international envoy trying to negotiate an end to Syria's civil war said yesterday that he had won a commitment from Damascus to halt fighting during Eid, the four-day Muslim holiday. However, rebel and regime statements both cast doubt on whether the truce will come to fruition. MORE

Suspect arrested over Benghazi attack

The Tunisian government last night confirmed it has arrested a 28-year-old Tunisian man reportedly linked to the US consulate attack in Libya on 11 September. An Interior Ministry spokesman said Ali Harzi was in custody. US ambassador Christopher Stevens died in the attack.

Higher tuition fees may cost public more

The Government's new £9,000-a-year university fees could cost taxpayers more than the scheme it replaced because of a £1bn-a-year "black hole" in higher-education funding. A think tank warned the Government has "seriously understated" the cost of its reforms. MORE

Car washer turns up alive at own wake

A car washer shocked his family by turning up at his own wake after his family mistakenly identified a murdered local man at the morgue as him. Relatives in Bahia state were gathered around the body of another car washer when he showed up, after being told of his own "death" by a friend who had spotted him earlier that day.

Grit your teeth for wintry onslaught

Road gritting and snow clearance teams are standing by to deal with the first onslaught of wintry weather. Forecasters are predicting much colder temperatures today followed by even colder conditions tomorrow and Saturday as schools break up for the half-term weather. MORE