The Saturday Matrix: Saturday 4 June 2011

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President survives rocket attack

The Yemeni President was injured in a rocket attack on his presidential compound yesterday; the act could trigger a showdown between regime loyalists and tribesmen. MORE

Outrage at Malaysia child asylum plan

Australia’s Labor government has pledged to send unaccompanied children to Malaysia under an asylum-seeker deal, leading rights campaigners to say it could be in breach of international treaties. MORE

Fallon faces Derby day of decision

Kieren Fallon will hear today whether he can ride in the Derby, after judgement in a court appeal was delayed. The owners of Native Khan argued he had broken a contract by agreeing to ride a rival horse. MORE

Feud of the festivals in Hay-on-Wye

Peter Florence, organiser of the Hay Festival, has accused a rival festival, How the Light Gets In, of seducing some of his speakers, for whom he has provided accommodation and travel. MORE

Author Hart dies after cancer battle

The bestselling author Josephine Hart died on Thursday after a battle with cancer, according to a spokesman for her husband, Lord Saatchi. She was 67. MORE

Cadbury says sorry to Naomi over advert

Cadbury has apologised after one of its advertisements “caused upset” to Naomi Campbell. She said the campaign for Dairy Milk Bliss “likened me to their chocolate bar”. MORE

Unabomber diaries sell for $40,676

An online auction of “Unabomber” Ted Kaczynski’s personal belongings has raised $232,246 to compensate his victims and their families. The most expensive lot was a collection of 20 journals at $40,676.

Next top model is not just a pretty face

Roland Bunce, 24, a computer science graduate who lists WWE Wrestling and Big Brother as his favourite TV, is the unlikely frontrunner in chain store Next’s search to find a new model. MORE

Water-skiing elephant dies

An Asian elephant feted in the US for her ability to water-ski and play the harmonica – although not at the same time – has died aged 59. Queenie used to glide across the water on special paddles. MORE

Smugglers stuff 431 turtles into suitcases

Thai customs officials found 431 live turtles and other rare reptiles stuffed into four suitcases. The creatures were smuggled into Bangkok airport from Bangladesh.

Whoops, there goes a £10,000 lawsuit

A shopper has won a £10,500 payout after slipping on a grape in a branch of Asda. The company apologised for failing to meet its own “high standards” following the ruling. MORE