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Nice trousers. Is he a fan of an independent Scotland?

Absolutely not. The 69-year-old actor and comedian is firmly against the separation of Scotland from the rest of the UK. But yesterday, he vowed to keep his opinions to himself.

What did he say?

"Whenever I open my mouth I get it slapped shut. I'm told to mind my own business, to learn what I'm talking about," he said while promoting his latest film, Quartet. "But I'll tell you what, I don't like showbusiness people lecturing the public on how they should vote anyway. I've always found that a kind of precocious state, and I've done it before you know, and when I look back at some of the things I've said I feel kind of stupid."

So what's his view on the nationalists?

He became the poster boy for the "No" campaign in 2007, when SNP leader Alex Salmond became First Minister. Back then, he said he "f***ing hopes" Scotland remains tied to Britain, adding: "I love Scotland but I hate the way nationalists think they own the place. I don't like nationalism. I think history proves it to be an incredibly dangerous thing." Other Scottish celebrities share his views. Ultimo founder Michelle Mone has threatened to move her business to London in the event of a "Yes" vote.