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Oscar Quine

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At one with nature?

She certainly is. The quirky Icelandic popstrel has been in the public eye for 20 gloriously zany years. She's chosen the occasion to team up with animal kingdom top dog David Attenborough for a documentary exploring the relationship between music, nature and technology, to be aired on Channel 4 tonight.

Attenborough? Music? We had him down as listening to whales.

Nature and music are very much entwined, don't you know: the documentary looks at how the structure of music mirrors the natural world. "A sound grows a bit like a crystal," explains Björk, "it has its own inner logic." For her part, she must be chuffed; in the past, she's described Attenborough as "my rock star".

The plot thickens and feathers fly…

You must remember the Björk moment, when she turned up at the 2001 Oscars dressed as a swan – and, in front of the world's press, laid an egg on the red carpet.

Lady Gaga eat your heart out!

One of our favourites of her feral flirtations is the video for her 2004 track "Triumph of a Heart", which charts her relationship with a humanoid, suit-wearing tabby cat.

Definitely an animal lover, then.

Indeed – and Björk's first single, "Human Behaviour" (1993), was inspired by Attenborough's shows. She has explained: "'Human Behaviour' is an animal's point of view on humans. And the animals are definitely supposed to win in the end."

War with the animals!

Not quite; she's the peaceful type. A career high came when she opened the 2004 Olympic Games. Her dress unfurled to cover athletes from all nations in a 10,000 sq ft map of the world – and peace and harmony reigned across the globe. The end.