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Tywin Lannister!

Game of Thrones’ viewers will recognise Charles Dance as the ruthless and calculating Lannister, Lord of Casterly Rock. Now, his dulcet tones have been enlisted for a most challenging of roles: he has been cast as “the voice of nature”.


Oh yes, nature itself. The BBC have announced Dance will channel the wind, the rain, and the snow in the upcoming trailer for the Sochi Winter Olympics.

What does the role involve?

According to the  Beeb, Dance will speak  “a foreboding verse to set a challenge to the Winter Olympic athletes to overcome its extreme elements”.

Shouldn’t that be Mother Nature?

Technically, yes. While Auntie may have given the cosmos gender-reassignment surgery, the normal order will remain elsewhere: Mother Sport Clare Balding will head up the broadcaster’s 650 hours of live coverage, joined by Hazel Irvine and Jonathan Edwards. Out on the slopes, expert commentary will be provided by former figure skater Robin Cousins, Olympic skier Graham Bell and former alpine skier Emma Carrick-Anderson.

What does Nature sound like?

Distinguished. A member of the Royal Shakespeare Company during the mid- to late-1970s, Dance certainly can speak proper. Gravelly when he needs to be, with excellent control of higher notes, he’s well set to do justice to the elements.

What else do the Beeb have up their sleeve?

They’ve promised “the most complete digital coverage of a Winter Olympic Games to date”, with six HD channels and two red button streams delivering live events, alongside 200 hours of network television. What’s more, all content will be available on PCs, tablets and mobiles.

Exciting stuff. When does it kick off?

The Opening Ceremony will be broadcast live from 3.30pm on 7 February. Meanwhile, Dance’s trailer, will premiere on Sunday.