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Who’s your daddy?

A generous and long-serving sperm donor, Ed Houben here claims to be Europe’s most prolific father, with 98 children to his name. First offering his services in 2002, the Dutchman is still contributing at a rate of a dozen donations a year. However, he has revealed that all he really wants is to find The One.

Unlucky in love?

His preference for the good old fashioned approach to babymaking (rather than test tubes and whatnot), as well as his lack of a fee, keeps Houben in good business from plenty of women who are single – as well as in lesbian and heterosexual partnerships. But business is yet to mix with romance.

What would Jeremy Kyle say…

Houben approaches the job in hand with utmost professionalism, keeping track of his offspring from his computer.  “People probably think, ‘Oh he has sex without responsibility’,” he told The Times. “But usually I am the only person people can talk to if it does  not work.”

Any other rules of engagement?

Another USP is that Houben does not insist on drawing up a contract prior to the deal being done, and has documents to prove his exceptionally high sperm count. Living alone in a council flat in Maastricht, he advertises his services on various donor sites.

How does he keep it up?

He is inspired, he says, by “the beautiful hope of creating a new life that will be loved and looked after”.

And if he did find the one?

He says he’d give it all up in a flash. Applications on the back of a postcard, please.