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She is Britain’s richest woman, a former Miss UK and, now, a budding pop star.

Forgoing the option of early retirement that comes with a £7 billion fortune and a £100 million super yacht, Kirsty Bertarelli is launching a singing career with an album that she hopes will make her the new Adele. Her breakthrough track, Love Is, details her observations on “real life”.

The real life of a billionaire?

Quite. Born Kirsty Roper into a Staffordshire potteries family, she and her husband Ernesto, a Swiss biotech magnate, shuttle between residences on the Continent and sailing trips to the Caribbean.

Should Adele be worried about the competition?

Despite being a member of the “super rich” community, she is confident that her songs will connect with music fans in the same way the gruff North Londoner captured hearts across the world.

“I get inspired by life,” she said. “My songs are all from real experiences and observations.

So, she’s more than just a pretty face?

Well, the album is no vanity project. After her foray into competition pageantry, Bertarelli settled down to write music. By 2000, she had penned Black Coffee, the All Saints pop ballad that spent weeks at Number One.

Irish pop legend Ronan Keating was sufficiently impressed with her pursuits in the latter to duet on the first single of the upcoming album, Send Out A Message.