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Billy Elliot?

Eight years ago, yes. Liam Mower shared the lead role in Billy Elliot the Musical with two others, at the age of 12. Liam, who was a dancer at the Royal Ballet School at the time, performed on the opening night of the West End show, which had its music written by Elton John.

Has he kept dancing all this time?

Most definitely. Liam, now 21, is living out his very own Billy Elliot tale. He has been cast as the Prince in Matthew Bourne’s production of Swan Lake.

Swan Lake is still going?

It’s the longest-running ballet in the West End, after it first launched in 1995 at Sadler’s Wells. “I first saw it [Swan Lake] at the end of the Billy Elliot movie, like everyone else, but I was too young to understand who choreographed it,” said Mower. “As I grew up I found out who the work was from [and] I saw a lot of his work.”

He must be pretty talented...

Stephen Daldry, who directed Billy Elliot the Musical, said: “We built the show on Liam. He was one of  the great ballet performers of his  age and he had extraordinary gymnastic skills.”

What awaits him in Swan Lake?

With an all-male cast, it’s not a straightforward production. But despite breaking with tradition, the production has been acclaimed.