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He must love Lycra

As if flaunting every contour of his body at the Olympics wasn't enough, the three-time Olympic medallist spangled up his spandex to foxtrot about on Strictly Come Dancing. But his fans were treated to a title-clinching topless grand finale, and he may often be found not wearing anything. He's no stranger to raunchy photo shoots and has released a calendar for 2013.

Didn't he have an unfair advantage?

He's Britain's most successful gymnast, so strength and agility were never going to be a problem for Louis, who could throw in crowd-pleasing somersaults and leapfrogs. But his solemn style drew criticism from the judges, who commented on the lack of passion in his dances. To up his game, he took acting lessons, which helped him loosen up and perfect his "romantic face".

What else can he do?

Away from gymnastics, dancing and taking his clothes off, his interests include fashion and singing. For "a laugh", he auditioned for the X Factor and got through to boot camp. He plans to launch his own fashion brand when he retires from gymnastics.