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Oh no, The Wurzels are back!

They never went away. Originally called Adge Cutler and the Wurzels, the Somerset-based band formed in 1966 but renamed themselves The Wurzels after frontman Cutler died in 1974 aged 43. Over the years many Wurzels have come and gone but the band continue to play to this day. The current line up consists of Tommy Banner, Pete Budd, John Morgan and Sedge Moore. In 1978 The Wurzels released their number one smash hit “Combine Harvester” and the world has never been the same since.

I hate that song.

You’re not allowed to anymore. The Scrumpy & Western group have just announced a benefit concert in aid of Somerset’s flood victims. Money raised from the show – which will take place at the Palace Theatre, Bridgwater, on 20 March – will go to the Somerset Flood Relief Fund and The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution to help the communities and farmers in Somerset that have been affected by the floods.

How charitable…

Accordionist Tommy Banner said: “The resilience of the community down here has been remarkable but there is only so much these people can do for themselves. We hope that this show will help aid and support their recovery over the coming months and help them to get back to normal as soon as possible.”

Can we expect any new material from them?

Sil Willcox the band’s manager did say they had contemplated recording a charity song…

Quick! Grab the earplugs!

However, he conceded: “These things take time to record and release, and a concert can be established in a much shorter time frame to ensure these people get the funds when they are most needed.” So, put your wallet away David Cameron, The Wurzels have everything under control. Last night they took to Twitter to warn lovers of their musical stylings that tickets are “sellin fast” adding: “Good on ya m’babbers!”

And there’s whatsoever nothing in it for the band?

Cynics might suggest they have spotted a prime opportunity to raise their profile but is it really so hard to believe they are just a group of talented, incredibly altruistic men trying to do their bit? All together now! I’ve got a brand new combine harvester and I’ll give you the key…