'ABBAWORLD' exhibit to debut in London

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An interactive exhibition devoted to the Swedish pop group ABBA and backed by the band opens at Earls Court in London on January 27. Tickets for ABBWORLD's London run go on sale December 3, and organizers say the exhibit will later make its way to several other major cities.

ABBAWORLD includes 25 rooms of music, footage, images, and memorabilia from the personal collections of the band members. Among interactive activities: fans can get up on stage with 3D holograms of the band, take an ABBA quiz, join a sing-and-dance-along, and see themselves in an ABBA video.

Guests will have their photos taken on entry to the exhibit so it can be printed on ABBA album covers, posters, and pictures.

Founded in 1970, ABBA has sold nearly 370 albums worldwide, making it the second best-selling band in history after The Beatles.

Tickets for ABBAWORLD (£22.00) go on sale December 3 at 9:00 GMT at www.livenation.co.uk.

Organizers say they expect to bring the exhibit to multiple cities and invite fans to sign up for newsletter updates at ABBAWORLD.com.