April 2 agenda: Art Fair Tokyo opens

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Friday's selection comprises an international art gathering in Tokyo, a day to celebrate Children's Books throughout the world and one of the most challenging marathons in the Moroccan desert, among other events.

Art Fair Tokyo
April 2-4
Tokyo International Forum, Exhibition Hall & Lobby Gallery
Tokyo, Japan

Art Fair Tokyo is a broad-ranging art fair that encompasses contemporary and modern art as well as the more traditional Japanese art forms such as nihonga (Japanese-style paintings) and ukiyoe (Japanese woodblock art). The event, now in its fifth year, draws more than 40,000 visitors annually. The Fair's motto is "art is something to buy, not just something to look at." More than 135 galleries will showcase works made by local and international artists. A special section called "PROJECTS" is reserved for new galleries whose artists primarily create cutting-edge contemporary art.

International Children's Book Day
April 2

Since 1967, International Children's Book Day has been celebrated annually on or around April 2 to coincide with the birthday of Hans Christian Andersen. Each year one country serves as sponsor, selecting a theme and commissioning a poster and poem to be used for worldwide events promoting reading and children's literature. Thailand held the title in 2008, followed by Egypt in 2009, and this year Spain takes the honor, contributing the theme: "A book is waiting for you, find it!" Schools, bookstores, and libraries around the world will hold events in conjunction with the 2010 event.

Armageddon Expo
April 2-4
Wellington, New Zealand

The expansive Armageddon Expo covers the realms of comics, TV, film, anime cartoons and gaming with these two family days out. This year, there will be screenings of the Ponyo and Twilight films, guest appearances with actors from Dr Who, Star Trek, and Heroes, anime and video game voice-over artists, novelist Robert Rankin, comic author Christian Gossett whose The Red Star graphic novel is coming out in video game form on PSP and iPhone, and a video games area run by NZGamer.com. http://www.armageddonexpo.com/nz

Endurance: 25th Marathon des Sables
April 2-12
Sahara Desert, Morocco

The Sand Marathon certainly has earned its reputation of being the toughest footrace on earth. Contestants must be almost entirely self-sufficient over the six-day, 254km (156mi) ultra marathon. Over 700 participants are expected to amass at this year's starting line, while families and curious onlookers can observe their progress via videos and interviews on the Marathon website.