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a There's an eccentric dimension to three of the biggest UK waterfalls. The tallest, at 200m, is more than three times higher than the Niagara Falls and lies in a remote part of Scotland's north-west Highlands which is reached only on foot and it's a tough walk, too. Eas a Chual Aluinn in the Assynt region of from Loch na Gainmhich: there's a car park at the head of the trail just off the A894 between Kylesku and Lochinver. Note, though, that in periods of scant rain this tiered fall becomes little more than a dribble. Those blenching at the long leg-stretch have a less strenuous option: during the summer you can see the falls, albeit at some distance, from the waters of Loch Glencoul. Two-hour boat trips to see seals, otters and other wildlife as well as the scenery are operated by Statesman Cruises (01971 502345; adults £15) from the slipway outside Kylesku Hotel in the little town.

Even wackier are the ways in which you visit England's two highest waterfalls, both in the Yorkshire Dales. You have to go underground to see the tallest, and you have to catch your

moment for doing so. Gaping Gill is an enormous cave in the limestone moors near the village of Clapham. Here the Fell Beck crashes down 105m into an amazing, cathedral-sized chamber. Just twice a year the general public is able to access this site, courtesy of two potholing clubs. During the Whitsun bank holiday in May and the August bank holiday the Bradford Pothole Club (bpc-cave.org.uk) and the Craven Pothole Club (cravenpotholeclub.org) respectively set up a winch and, weather permitting, offer return rides on a first-come first-served basis at £10 per person. Access to the winch site requires a little effort: it takes around 90 minutes to walk there from Clapham via the marked trail to the Ingleborough Show Cave.

restaurant and B&B on site (01691 780392; doubles from £85 based on two sharing),

In South America, the amazing Iguaçu Falls is a composite group of more than 275 separate bodies of tumbling, cascading and gushing water on the border of Argentina and Brazil with the Paraguay frontier lying just downstream where theV

C Paraná and Iguazú rivers meet. Both sides of the falls are easily accessible from Argentina's Puerto Iguazú or Brazil's Foz do Iguaçu.

Salt & Sill, Klädesholmen, Tjörn,

Vastra Gotaland, Sweden (00 46

304 67 34 80; saltosill.se). Doubles

start at SK1,490 (£128), B&B.

near Monastiraki metro

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rooms costing

€94 for a double, reducing

to €80-€85 in July and August.

The highlight here is

the rooftop bar where you

can survey the cityscape.

Musée de Bretagne

and the Espace des Sciences.

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Among them are Camembert,

Pont l'Evêque, Livarot

and Pavé d'Auge, all in the

Pays d'Auge, plus, from the

other side of the Seine,

Neufchâtel (which is in a heart shape).

Local farm-made crème fraîche is a staple of is $40 or £30 sun tan.

filming tom Ford's Brantôme château the Vézère Célé, of Christopher Isherwood's novel A marché nocturne gîte £10 including P&P, was required to strip naked and wade into the sea at night with Colin Firth. "I still get messages saying, 'Fancy a swim?'," the Hotel's 10-year anniversary party. "But I need that banter it keeps me off."

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pandora had no problem running the London Marathon (cough). Not so Gordon Ramsay, who had to be carried off mid-way through. Sarah Symonds, his alleged former mistress (and one-time squeeze of Lord Archer), was unimpressed.

"Our ginger Scottish chef friend looked awful," she said. "I'm worried for his health. He's not half as fit as when I knew him."

a lesson in etiquette, now, from Joan Collins. Don't ask what she is up to. "I won't talk about it," she barks. "The last time I did, the movie was cancelled." She will, however, tell you who she's voting for; her historic antipathy for David Cameron is no more. "I hope he gets in," she says. Collins, left, was once outed as a patron of Ukip but, as she said at the time, being a patron doesn't mean voting for them. Apparently.