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Every morning, once I’ve cycled the shortcut down Kensington Palace Gardens – that half-mile avenue past the embassies and residences of Russia, India, France, the Sauds, various captains of industry and lastly, at the bottom, guarded by machine gun marksmen, the  Israelis – I turn to i’s inbox.

I read all your correspondence – as does Rhodri, the deputy editor, and Hollie, who runs our reader services – and try to reply to a few of you before Denise, the editor’s PA, who’s really in charge here, announces the start of our 10am news conference.

This morning I learnt that it is “perfectly normal” for a pilot with as little as 43 hours flying a specific airliner to be at the controls (thanks Huw Baumgartner, Bridell, Pembs). I was lambasted for a change to the TV listings (sorry, Andrea) and reminded of Plato’s observation that “Knowledge which is acquired under compulsion has no hold on the mind. Therefore...let early education be a sort of amusement...” (Geraldine Tassell, Stopsley, Beds).

Sometimes a letter comes along that stops you and blocks out the newsroom hubbub. Today it was from Annette Keeler, of Copmanthorpe in York, who writes on the loss of her 20-year-old daughter Eleanor, and the work of Cardiac Risk in the Young (page 14).


Thank you, again, for supporting i. Monday’s edition, where we covered that bat and ball contest, is among our most-read. Your ranks now include a certain Men’s Singles champion – who turned first to i and to The Financial Times as he surveyed Monday’s press coverage. Good luck to England in the Ashes, which begin today in Nottingham.


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