Oliver Duff

Oliver Duff was appointed Editor of i in June 2013. He was previously Executive Editor at The Independent, i and The Independent on Sunday, running the newsroom. Formerly a reporter, gossip columnist and news editor, he was fired as the magazine's bar critic after three weeks. A diver and surfer, he's interested in nature and science, politics and diplomacy.

Oliver Duff i editor answers questions about the future of the paper

Thanks a lot for the weight of correspondence (and encouragement) about i's proposed new ownership, The Independent's leap to become digital-only, and this title's importance to the future of independent, quality, fair journalism. Just to recap, for those of you who missed Friday's and Saturday's papers: i will be bought by Johnston Press for £24m, subject to shareholder approval, after a deal was agreed with our current owners on Friday morning. JP will become Britain's fourth-largest print publisher.

Shark facts: The fearsome fish in numbers

As a new BBC series aims to rehabilitate the great white shark’s image as a terrifying killer, we look at some facts surrounding the ocean's most dangerous predator

Oliver Duff i Editor's Letter: i heads for booming Bournemouth

We’re coming to Bournemouth a week on Tuesday, for our next  iDebate. Our panellists will contest  the motion, “Political chaos on 8 May  would be good for British democracy.” If you haven’t been to one of our iDebates – and we’ve so far staged them in Cardiff, Manchester, Edinburgh and Leeds – the debating teams slug it out, the audience gets to challenge them, and afterwards we lay on free drinks for the crowd. This iDebate is staged for students (uni or college), who seem to have been forgotten in the election. The venue is Talbot Heath School, doors open 5.30pm, kick-off 6pm. You can apply for the 300 free tickets at

Oliver Duff i Editor's Letter: The fatal gamble with fans’ lives

Today’s cover story is shocking: a new book by Martin Fletcher, a Bradford City fan who in 1985 survived the club’s stadium disaster and lost his family, claims that eight other fires broke out at businesses owned by, or associated with, Bradford’s then chairman. It is impossible to draw firm conclusions from the finding – indeed, Mr Fletcher avoids doing so. Thirty years after the fire, and 20 years after the death of ex-chairman Stafford Heginbotham, we have no means to examine primary evidence afresh, and Mr Heginbotham has no chance to explain.

Oliver Duff i Editor's Letter: Why it won’t be the i wot won it – our promise

“You’ve decided who you’re backing then?” asks Peter Beck. Bexhill i reader Robert Sharkey, meanwhile, levels the accusing finger: “No doubt who the i  supports. The dodgy Conservatives and Rupert Murdoch! Get real!” Regular correspondent  Mr Sharkey won’t mind me  disagreeing in forthright terms once I’ve finished spluttering into my tea: codswallop.

Oliver Duff i Editor's Letter: Get ready for the apex of this year’s TV

Something a bit different today from the politics dominating this week. The piece of television I’m looking forward to more than any other this year is the BBC’s new wildlife blockbuster Shark. As well as being compelling entertainment, this series from the Natural History Unit will be truly important TV, the impact of which could be felt for years to come.

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Oliver Duff i Editor's Letter: £5,000 a day: the cost of buying an MP

So two former Foreign Secretaries get caught showing a bit of ankle at the first flutter of yuan. First, Jack Straw, who has been busy working  “under the radar”, promising to wield  influence with discretion for £5,000 a day. What about transparency and accountability? He told the fictitious  Chinese firm there had been speculation he might go to the House of Lords, where “I’ll be able to help you more”. So much for the peerage, Jack.

Oliver Duff i Editor's Letter: Some of your latest ideas for improving i

I’m overwhelmed by the response to the  last couple of letters. It took me hours last night to go through the latest tranche, about 600. Please keep them coming! We learn most from your correspondence: We don’t want to meddle with i’s  formula, so the challenge is how can we fit a few more of the things you want into the same size paper, without messing up what you already like through unnecessary changes. Here are some of your latest ideas: