Introducing iWeekend: The ultimate digest for your Saturday and Sunday

  • Improvements will give you more for your (market beating) 50 pence
  • Please give the new format a try this Saturday - and into the future
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Town crier to the Editor's office, please. Some changes (improvements, I hope) to your Saturday i. Although you will be the judges of that, of course. 

Saturday's i has been proving popular - a steady mix of news, views, sport and culture. But we could see obvious ways to improve it, to give you more for your (market beating) 50 pence and to perhaps even encourage new readers. 

We present iWeekend: the ultimate digest for your Saturday and Sunday. Sharper than other media, more invigorating than a walk on the heath. 

Rest assured, no revolution will hit News and Opinion, although we aim to build on their strengths to give you a livelier and more expansive briefing.  

The old Saturday i had glaring omissions for a respectable publication. So rather than throw stuff out, we've fitted more in. 

We introduce a new middle section, iWeekend, packed full of bite-sized culture, food, travel, TV, health and fitness, technology, homes and gardens, motoring. Columnists like Grace Dent, David Lister and Simon Calder get greater profile. We will experiment with some new Saturday puzzles over the coming weeks. We launch a Culture Weekend matrix - what to do and where to go. Or if you're like me, just be nosy about what other people are up to. 

At the end of News, you'll find 7 Days - our look back on the week, crunched down to a busy two pages. 

Personal Finance will be bursting at the gunwales, with the best deals and money advice from our team of experts. 

iSport will be more comprehensive. We introduce the Fan Matrix - what supporters are saying about your club. There are so many brilliant and well-informed terrace sages out there. We collate their pithy verdicts in one thumping grid, which I hope will become compelling reading for any football fan. 

All this - and still no unread supplements to clog up your recycling box. 

We won't perfect the new iWeekend paper on its first outing, and will rely on you to tell us what you want more or less of. 

So please give iWeekend a try this Saturday - and into the future. And do let us know what you think on