Incredible time-lapse video of huge thunderstorm in South Dakota

Flooding and hail storm hit the town of Black Hawk for over two hours

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A time-lapse video has emerged showing the moment a huge thunderstorm hit the town of Black Hawk in South Dakota.

The storm was categorised as a supercell thunderstorm – one with deep rotating updrafts that often leads to great damage due to the extreme weather it can generate.

This was the case on Monday evening when the thunderstorm developed at 5pm local time over Black Hawk; and didn’t move for the next two hours. The unwavering storm caused huge rainfall of up to five inches and hail larger than the size of a tennis ball. This weather is usually a precursor to a tornado but thankfully for local residents, one did not form.

In nearby Rapid City around three miles away, Bonny Fleming captured the scenes on an iPhone fastened to a tripod using an elastic hairband. The video shows incredible pictures of Black Hawk engulfed by black clouds.

The United States has recently experienced unusual weather with heavy rains in Texas and severe flooding in Oklahoma.