Kids in Spain get real 'Night at the Museum'

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Children in Spain can now spend a "Night at the Museum" for real by camping inside a science museum while experiencing various adventures and dressing up as superheroes.

In the popular film and its sequel, a watchman at the New York Museum of Natural History, played by Ben Stiller, discovers that the exhibits come to life during the night.

Now, in its special "Night at the Museum" promotion, the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia in eastern Spain is offering kids the chance to have fun while learning about science, the regional government said Thursday.

After dinner in the cafeteria, they join a painting workshop and then visit a new exhibition on Marvel comic heroes, where they can dress up as their favorite superhero.

"The Science of the Superheroes" uses interactive exhibits "to look into the connection between science and technology and the world of comic book superheroes," for example the "scientific grounds for the Incredible Hulk's transformation or Daredevil's sensorial capabilities."

They then go a nocturnal treasure hunt in the museum's giant "Chromosome Forest" before after sleeping in tents at the Superheroes exhibit.

The offer, which begins on November 21, is aimed at children between the ages of nine and 12, or from the age of four if accompanied by a family member.

It will be open every Thursday, and on Saturdays for groups and families, expect during school holidays, at a price of 65 euros (97 dollars) per child.