Latitude artist spotlight: We Have Band


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We Have Band are three friends - Darren Bancroft and husband and wife duo Thomas and Dede Wegg-Prosser - who met whilst working at a record label.

They left to form a band, play Glastonbury, release an album that was critically acclaimed by everyone from NME to Dazed & Confused and tour the world. So far so simple. With their second album, however, We Have Band made some radical changes.

Setting themselves the challenge of making a ‘timeless’ record, they looked inward, mined their personal experience and made Ternion, an intensely personal album that manages to be both uplifting and melancholic.

Don’t miss their performance on Friday on The Lake Stage, as their electro-indie inspired set promises to keep you moving all night…

Which Latitude are you on right now?

Our current exact co-ordinates are 34.6036° S, 58.3817° W. We've just arrived in Buenos Aires which we are very excited about. We're playing some shows here with Happy Mondays and Wild Beasts and then we're off to Brazil to play with Horrors and Franz Ferdinand.

Who’s your must-see performance at Latitude this year?

We'd love to catch M83 - the album is amazing and although we'd heard mixed reports about the live show we want to see for ourselves. 

If any artist could do a guest appearance with you at Latitude who would that be and why?

We love LCD and what James Murphy does, but we especially like Nancy Wang's vocal so maybe she and Dede could do some duet thing. Of the bands performing already it would be pretty cool is Kwes did something over one of our tracks.

Tell us a surprising fact about you

Dede had never been on stage before the first April 2008 We Have Band show. She's made up for that in the four years since. Latitude will be approximately show 420...

What’s been your weirdest festival experience?

We think it is going to be opening for Happy Mondays in Buenos Aires. The festival is huge - about 20,000 people to play to - and for us it will be pretty intense and a bit weird. Our first Glastonbury show in 2009 was also pretty weird. We'd won the emerging talent competition which gave us a slot on the John Peel stage and it was all very surreal.

Summarise Latitude in seven words?

Hopefully hot haven of hammering huge harmonies

Fill in the gap, “Baa baa Latitude sheep, have you any _________ ?

Decent festival scran

For the full music line-up please check the website - and don’t miss any of your favourite acts over the weekend!