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In the week the Sex Pistols were said to be reforming, John Lydon turned 40...


They saw The Pistols first time round.

How could it be forgotten?

Then bondage pants were traded

For comfy slacks in cotton

Now every systems analyst,

Consultant gynaecologist

And barrister that punk had missed

Can singalonga-Rotten

They saw The Pistols first time round.

Became the first punk rocker

And if each gave me a pound

My coffers would be chocka

To reinvent the past is grand

A pint of lager in the hand

But hair recedes and waists expand

And talk returns to soccer

They saw The Pistols first time round

And come on all possessive

So don't point out their YES LPs

In case they get aggressive

The boys are back. A sorry mob:

"A Song, A Smile, A Shower of Gob"

But speaking as an older yob,

It sounds a bit excessive.

Martin Newell

Martin Newell's third volume of poetry, The Illegible Bachelor, is published by Festival Books through Password. Or mail order from Festival Books, Lit Department, Essex University, Colchester CO4 3SQ