POP / Riffs: Isabel Monteiro, Drugstore's singer, on 'Superhuman', by the Flaming Lips

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WE SUPPORTED the Flaming Lips about a year and a half ago at Islington Powerhaus. They were really cool, we were following them around everywhere and got a few more dates with them. I went out and bought their album, Transmission for Satellite Heart, and got into the song 'Superhuman'. It's a very complex song but it moves you, and it's influenced me in a big way.

It starts out with just the singer, real quiet, his voice filled with emotion. Then you get distorted guitar sounds, and the whole thing builds up into a wall of noise, exploding into a cosmic chorus that's very melodic, and meaningful in a stupid way.

Nobody else could sing 'The zebras run to the spaceman and his gun / In the spider's web' and make it all sound so normal. But then great music doesn't always equate with logic or science - it's something you can't always explain, it's more of a feeling. The Flaming Lips transcend trends with panache, sending a splash of human emotion into our ordinary little lives.

This is the kind of music where the band sound lost in their own world, and I try to be a bit like that. I'm not influenced by what the manager or the record company thinks, but by stuff like the Flaming Lips. Some of our own songs give me the same feeling. We've got one called 'Solitary Party Groover', which is about having a dreadful job and going home and putting on your favourite record and just getting stupid, doing a zombie dance or something. That's what music is all about.

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