Ronaldo hits back at nude president who bashed his cockroach

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in Madrid

The Real Madrid striker Ronaldo has defended his "cockroach" goal celebrations during the 3-0 win over Alaves, antics that drew criticism from the Alaves president Dimitry Piterman, who also accused Roberto Carlos and Robinho of behaving like clowns.

"I want to make it clear that it was just a bit of nonsense between friends and we never wanted to offend anyone or insult the opposition fans," Ronaldo said.

Piterman had said: "It may have been funny for them to pretend to be cockroaches dressed in white, but they looked ridiculous... They acted like circus clowns."

Ronaldo said that Piterman, who has appeared naked on the cover of a popular weekly magazine in Spain, was not one to give lessons about how to behave. "He is entitled to his opinion, but he's hardly the ideal person to start criticising and calling me, Roberto and Robinho 'clowns'," he said.

"The idea came from two friends who dared me to do it if I scored. I told them that if I did it they would have to dine out with me at a restaurant dressed up as women. I've fulfilled my part of the bargain and now they have to fulfil theirs."