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Herbs by Camper Men's pounds 57, women's pounds 49
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Herbs by Camper? You may be wondering if these are new camping accessories, or perhaps a portable window box with growing herbs. You'd be wrong of course. Herbs are the new "at home" shoe from Camper, the Spanish company whose little shop is tucked behind the bustling streets of Covent Garden.

Herbs are a new idea in footwear, not only because they are 100 per cent ecological, but also because they incorporate the benefits of aromatherapy. Hidden within the canvas upper of the shoe is a Velcro-fastened pouch containing a selection of dried herbs. Rose, artemis, rosemary, lavender, scotch pine and mint have been chosen both for their medicinal benefits and that divine smell.

At first glance, Herbs are little more than an espadrille with a nifty selling point, but on closer inspection (and after discovering the price) one can see that the standards of Campers workmanship have not been shirked. The rope-sole will not fall apart after a few weeks of wear because it is encased in sturdy leather sole-units, and the padded (very comfy) foot section is lined in canvas.

The concept behind these is genuine: happy feet make for a happy person; and as Camper points out, the ends of the nervous system meet in the feet, so being soothed by herbs promotes general well-being. Also there's the all-important and not conversation-friendly issue of smelly feet. On hot summer days and balmy summer nights, sweaty feet are a nightmare for most people, and unpleasant wafts emanating from feet are even worse. With Herbs, it seems, you can rest assured that the heat generated by your feet will only create smells akin to a bowl of expensive pot-pourri, and will not offend anyone (unless you detest the smell of the pot-pourri).

Herbs are available in turquoise and moss green (with a spare sachet of herbs) in sizes 2 to 12.

Camper, 39 Floral Street, London WC2. Mail-order and other enquiries, 0171-379 7501.