The 10 Best oils and serums

Learn the true meaning of beauty sleep with a selection of nourishing  and rejuvenating overnight products

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1. Rejuvenate face oil

The aim of organic brand Suti’s face oil is to nourish and protect the skin. Oils of avocado, sesame, patchouli and bergamot work to heal, replenish and plump the skin overnight, and strengthen it.

£32, Suti,

2. Liquid gold intensive night repair serum

Alpha H’s serum calls on a powerful selection of vitamins to do its overnight work. Vitamin B3 inhibits melanin production, so age spots are brought under control. Vitamin A boosts radiance while vitamin E restores elasticity.

£49, Alpha H,

3. Midnight recovery complex

Did you know that skin performs its overnight maintenance programme between midnight and 4am? The bods at Kiehl’s do, and that’s why a bottle of this omega-and-essential-oil-packed formula is sold every second worldwide.

£36, Kiehl’s,

4. Cell Repair night oil

An exotic and bio-organic concoction of kalahari, baobab and mongogo oils works to restructure, rehydrate, firm and tone a tired complexion. Meanwhile, the fragrance of neroli, lavender, rose and mandarin will send you off to peaceful (and therefore regenerating) slumbers.

£45, Aurelia Probiotic Skincare,

5. ProGenius treatment oil

Packed full of Omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9, this oil is a midnight feast for skin. Working together, this team of omegas has a moisturising, renewing and protecting effect on the complexion so you wake up to find wrinkles reduced, hydration increased, and your glow restored.

£58, Nude Skincare,

6. No Wrinkles night repair

A lack of sleep causes a build up of glucose-based toxins in the skin, making it look tired and drawn. This Works employs Persian silk tree extract to reduce the build up of the toxins, and adds moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid and retinol to protect collagen levels.

£45, This Works,

7. Beauty Sleep overnight serum

The chic black and gold packaging will appeal to party girls, as will the micro-peel action of its ingredients. Evidence of a night burning the candle can be concealed by the retexturing action of this formula, giving you a radiance that’s usually only achieved by eight hours’ sleep.

£42, Yves Saint Laurent Beaute,

8. Advanced Night Repair II

Lauder was one of the first brands to recognise that skin repair is at its peak at night, and now its cult little brown bottle has been reinvented for a second time. Algae and yeast purify skin cells, and antioxidants get to work on the toxins caused by pollution.

£48, Estee Lauder,

9. Pulpe Vitaminee  Regenerating Concentrate

Those same grapes that did your skin dehydrating-harm via a large glass of wine the night before can ease the damage, too, when they’re in Caudalie’s overnight concentrate. Grape seed oil is an excellent moisturiser, while oils of orange flower, musk-rose and carrot revitalise a tired complexion.

£26, Caudalie,

10. Super Active overnight oil

Pure skincare eases your conscience as well as your skin. The camelina, starflower, chamomile and geranium oils in this overnight treatment are all ethically produced, come in recycled packaging, and their cultivation bolsters the declining bee population.

£6, Marks and Spencer,