The Programme, week 5: Rachel's comments

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This week's been easier; I had plenty of time to do my exercies. I'm not doing my course any more. It has been enjoyable to do exercise during the day. I spent a few days in Devon, so I was running in a different place which made it a bit more exciting. It does feel like a good habit but I'm a bit of a stickler for wanting to do the same exercises - I find it difficult when the exercises are changed every week. It makes it more interesting, but I'd want half-a-dozen core exercises. I find myself doing all the old exercises as well as the new ones. I find the run helps me to warm up for all the exercises. And I'm never stiff or sore from the exercises - the shin splints that I had at the start have gone.

Remarkably, I have been stringent about eating three meals a day, which I never used to do. First, you don?t get that craving between meals; second, I haven?t eaten as much at the meals, which balances my energy levels. I feel more energetic. Egg or porridge for breakfast has been great.