top ten: flight essentials

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1. A small herb pillow is the perfect travelling companion to support the back, or as a head rest, pounds 45 by Dosa available from The Cross, 141 Portland Road, London W11 (0171 727 6760).

2. To touch down in style a Pashmina cashmere shawl is essential, to be worn with the equally essential dark glasses in the arrivals lounge, pounds 410, available in soft blue and beige, from Browns, 23-27 South Molton Street, London W1.

3. Pressure change, air conditioning, and lack of sleep can leave skin dehydrated and eyes red and puffy. Combat this with No.7 Super Hydrating Skin Cream, pounds 8.95, which lasts for 12 hours (good for long-haul flights); for eyes try No.7 Positive Action Day & Night cream, pounds 13.50, both available from Boots stores nationwide.

4. For wise travellers, who don't wish to get plastered during the flight, a water bottle carrier (and some water) is a useful accessory, pounds 12.95, by Johnny Loves Rosie, available from Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge, London SW1.

5. The most comfortable sandals in the world, Birkenstocks, come in many colours and styles. Most popular design is currently the camouflage- print pappillo sandals, pounds 36.95, from the Birkenstock shop, 37 Neal Street, London WC2 (mail-order inquiries 0800 132194).

6. To avoid the humiliation of wearing headphones that resemble toy stethoscopes, why not invest in Sony's smallest ever MiniDisc Walkman. The MZ-E30, pounds 279.99, weighs only 76 grams. Far better than being forced to listen to in-flight banter/snoring/ children crying etc. Available from Sony Centre, 134 Baker Street, London W1 and branches nationwide (0990 111 999).

7. Eastpack rucksacks are designed to be comfortable in transit and are also waterproof and durable. So durable, we are informed, that if you should inadvertently put a well-manicured fingernail through it, the fabric will heal itself! The Miami-0520, pounds 26.99, and Woodstock-0595 with reinforced bottom, pounds 36.99, are available from Cobra Sports, 172 Oxford Street, London W1 and stores nationwide (0181 847 4616).

8. Whether you read it on the plane or on the beach, a trashy novel is a perfect holiday buy. Choose whatever subject takes your fancy - we like anything by Jackie Collins, Patricia Cornwell and Will Self - buy it at the airport, or from any decent bookshop.

9. Jet-setters are aware that in-flight air pressure causes feet to swell, so shoes should be removed. As a result, it's advisable to carry an extra pair of socks in the hand-luggage. Burlington's cost pounds 6.50 a pair and are available in several colours from Selfridges, Oxford Street, London W1 and John Lewis stores nationwide.

10. In-flight travel sickness can be overcome with the use of aromatherapy oils. Dab ginger, geranium and lavender oil on to pulse points hourly. Not only will it help to

settle the stomach, but it also helps to combat jet lag, too. The bottle of oil costs pounds 14.95, by Aesop, available from The Cross, 141 Portland Road, London W11, as before.